Tuition Fees

  • Tuition fees are to be paid each academic year.

  • The tuition fee is generated by the Student Information System as soon as the student enrols in the next year of study.

  • The fee is generated in full for the entire academic year – however, you can request that the tuition fee be split into instalments to be paid throughout the academic year to make the payment more manageable.

    • If interested, please, contact the or directly so we can arrange your instalment schedule.

Tuition Fee Appeal

  • If there are any serious reasons which prohibit you from continuing your studies and paying the tuition fee (e.g. health or other reasons which can be substantiated), you can appeal the tuition charges.

  • Please, contact the or directly and we can explain the appeal procedure to you.

Payment information

Please, be aware that the account below is intended only for payments in euros (€).


Komerční banka

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Account Name:

Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta humanitních studii





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