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Characteristics of FHS research

  • Focus on a multi-disciplinary approach

  • A strong record in fundamental and applied research

  • Valued contribution to international academic discourse

  • Top quality publications

  • Integration in education

  • High societal relevance

FHS’s institutional priorities include the development of high-level research and its integration in education. FHS research is interdisciplinary by nature as the Faculty is involved in a range of national and international research projects. Research activities at the Faculty of Humanities are managed by the Department of Science and Research, while scientific monographs, the fundamental outputs of research and scientific activities, are issued by the Publications Office.


Research fields


Human ethology





Formulating research strategies

The Faculty of Humanities formulates its central strategies of academic research by evaluating the processes of specialisations in basic research. The chief research fields have proved to be phenomenology and semiotics; cultural, social and historical anthropology; interdisciplinary social sciences and environmental studies.


List of research activities with involvement of FHS CU (in aplhabetical order):

  • 7th EU Framework Programme - more information here.

  • Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) - more information here.

  • Development of National and Cultural Identity Programme (NAKI) - more information here.

  • Grant-Related Bonuses - more information here.

  • Charles University Monographs Competition - more information here.

  • Charles University Research Development Schemes P18, P19 and P20 (Program rozvoje vědeckých oblastí na UK - PRVOUK P18, P19 a P20) - more information about individual grants here.

  • Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Health (IGA MZ) - more information here.

  • Specific Academic Research Projects Competition (Specifický vysokoškolský výzkum - SVV) - more information here.

  • Students´ scientific and research work supported by funding from the Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK) - more information here.

  • The appointment procedure (habilitation) for Associate Professorships (the degree “docent”, abbreviated to “doc.”) - on FHS CU only in "Social and Cultural Anthropology" - more information here.

  • The appointment procedure for Full Professorships (the degree “profesor”, abbreviated to “prof.”) - on FHS CU only in "Social and Cultural Anthropology" - more information here.

  • Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) - more information here.

  • University Research Centres (UNCE) - more information here.

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