General Anthropology (3-years)

General Anthropology
(full-time /combined )

Study programme: Humanities

Number of accepted students in the prev. acad.year:

1    full-time form  

 1  combined form

Number of applicants in the prev. acad. year:

2  full-time form

 1  combined form

Minimum number of accepted students:

Type of study:



54 000,- Kč

Field of study characteristic:

The doctoral study programme at CU FHs is organised in the full-time (3 years) and combinated form of study. The programme allows studies focused on philosophical, historical, socio-cultural and socio-linguistic anthropology and human ethology. The task of the programme in general is grasping the theoretical basics and methods of this field and mastering the methodology of academic research. The curriculum of Ph.D. students includes: - The studies are organised in two modules, whereas the first module is compulsory for all students in the programme, the second one is selected on the basis of the consultations with the supervisor. - Ph.D. seminar - a compulsory exam in a living language - the defence of the student’s dissertation The concept of the study programme is determined by the department council.

Description of entrance examination and evaluation criteria for academic year 2018/2019 :

The description for the next academic year will not be available till the end of December.

The exam consists of a discussion about the project of the dissertation and a check of basic assumptions for the study. Entrance examination will check the ability of the applicant to deal with the dissertation project. The questions of the entrance interview primarily focus on the theme of the applicant’s research project (max. 10 points).

Conditions for admission:

Conditions of acceptance:
1. To apply for the entrance exam, one must submit the filled-out application form for doctorate studies, along with the following appendices, by 30.4. 2018:
- theme of thesis, i.e. annotation of research project;
- document confirming graduation from a university study programme at the master’s level;
- concise biography;
- documents confirming a successful state or international exam in a utilised language;
- other documents worth noting (e.g. list of publications by applicant, documents confirming academic work, either in the Czech Republic or abroad)
- documents certifying a completed higher-education studies at the masters level (applicants who complete their masters studies after the application deadline have to document the completion of their studies by 30.9.2018 at the latest). In case of graduation abroad, applicants have to submitt nostrification of master diploma.
2. Graduation from a master’s degree program.
3. Defence of the project of applicant's thesis (submitted as a part of the study application).
4. To gain the minimal sum of points specified by the dean.

Information on the exercise of graduates:

The goal of the study programme in anthropology is to prepare students for academic research work at the level required by contemporary science. The graduate combines knowledge from all fields in a holistic approach to studying man and populations, to overcoming ethnic and social differences and attempts to observe current processes in their historical and cultural contexts.

Guarantor of the field of study:

doc. PhDr. Jan Horský Ph.D.

Study programme guarantor:

doc. PhDr. Jan Horský Ph.D.


U Kříže 8, 158 00 Praha 5


If you have any questions, please contact us on Facebook.

Accreditation documents:

List of current supervisors:

Mgr. Y. Abu Ghosh, Ph.D.; doc. ak. mal. J. Alt; prof. Dr. phil. J. Arnason; doc. Mgr. H. Bartoš, Ph.D.; prof. Ing. L. Bartoš, DrSc.; Mgr. K. Bártová, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. L. Benyovszky, CSc.; PhDr. D. Bittnerová, CSc.; Mgr. L. Brož, Ph.D.; doc. V. Čapská, Ph.D.; prof. Mgr. V. Černý, Dr.; doc. Mgr. J. Češka, Ph.D.; doc. Mgr. L. Doležalová, M.A., Ph.D.; Mgr. P. Ezzeddine, Ph.D.; prof. RNDr. J. Flegr, CSc.; prof. RNDr. D. Frynta, Ph.D.; doc. Mgr. J. Fulka, Ph.D.; PhDr. M. Halbich, Ph.D.; prof. M. Havelka, CSc.; doc. Mgr. J. Havlíček, Ph.D.; Mgr. M. Heřmanský, Ph.D.; doc. Dr. phil. P. Himl; doc. MUDr. I. Holmerová, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. J. Horský, Ph.D.; prof. M. Hroch, DrSc.; Mgr. L. Hroníková, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. Z. Jurková, Ph.D.; prof. PhDr. J. Kandert, CSc.; Mgr. K. Klapilová, Ph.D.; doc. Mgr. K. Kleisner, Ph.D.; prof. RNDr. S. Komárek, Dr.; prof. PhDr. P. Kouba; doc. Mgr. Z. Kratochvíl, Dr.; prof. RNDr. H. Librová, CSc.; doc. Mgr. J. Lindová, Ph.D.; Mgr. J. Marek, Ph.D.; doc. RNDr. A. Markoš, CSc.; Mgr. L. Martinec Nováková, Ph.D.; Mgr. N. Maslowski, DEA, Ph.D.; prof. PhDr. V. Matoušek, CSc.; PhDr. M. Moravcová, DrSc.; doc. PhDr. P. Mücke, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. Bc. I. Murin, Ph.D.; prof. PhDr. Z. Nešpor, Ph.D.; doc. Mgr. M. Nodl, Ph.D.; doc. Mgr. A. Novák, Ph.D.; prof. K. Novotný, M.A., Ph.D., DSc.; Mgr. et Mgr. K. Pauknerová, Ph.D.; prof. PhDr. J. Pešek, CSc.; Ing. arch. Mgr. M. Pětová, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. Z. Pinc; prof. Mgr. M. Putna, Dr.; Mgr. T. Samek, M.A., Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. G. Seidlová Málková, Ph.D.; doc. Dr. phil. H. Sepp; prof. JUDr. M. Skřejpek, DrSc.; prof. PhDr. J. Sokol, CSc., Ph.D.; doc. V. Sokolová, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. B. Soukupová, CSc.; doc. Mgr. T. Stöckelová, Ph.D.; PhDr. L. Storchová, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. J. Šubrt, CSc.; doc. PhDr. Z. Uherek, CSc.; prof. PaedDr. M. Vaněk, Ph.D.; prof. PhDr. P. Weiss, Ph.D., DSc.


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