Civil Sector Studies

Civil Sector Studies
(full-time /combined )

Study programme: Humanities





Minimum number of accepted students:


Type of study:



55000 CZK (2000 EUR)/year

Field of study characteristic:

The aim of the program is to prepare highly qualified experts in civil society studies with a knowledge of the relevant theoretical approaches, sound knowledge of research metohodology and in-depth knowledge of the actual situation and practical problems in this area both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Alumni are able to také part in both basic and applied research in academic institutions and higher education institutions as well as become involved in the civil sector, public sphere (above all state administration) and for-profit sector (corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and volunteering). The program is focused on sociological or socio-economic analysis of the civic sector. The study plan of a PhD student includes planned publication activites, participation at conferences and exams from obligatory and obligatory-optional courses according to the accreditation documents. Upon completing the study with a doctoral exam and the defense of a PhD thesis, the student receives a Ph.D. title. The content and framework of the study is determined by the Program Council.

Description of entrance examination and evaluation criteria for academic year 2016/2017 :

The description for the next academic year will not be available till the end of December.

The oral part of the exam consists of a discussion about the project of the dissertation thesis (max. 10 points) and a check of English proficiency (max. 5 points). An applicant who will be awarded less than 5 points from dissertation project will not be admitted.
Entrance examination will check the ability of the applicant to deal with the dissertation project. An applicant who will be awarded less than 5 points from dissertation project will not be admitted. Applicants will prepare an oral presentation of their project (maximum length 10 minutes).

Conditions for admission:

Conditions of acceptance:
1. To enter the entrance examination process it is necessary to submit by 30.4.2016 a filled-in application form for the doctoral study together with the following attachments:
- dissertation thesis project (recommended sections: outline of the reasearch problém and research questions, overview of the current state of research, explanation of the selected methodology and research techniques, proposed approach to the problém, list of relevant literature, time schedule of the research, explanation of the relevance of the theme for the study program Civil Sector Studies); recommended length of the project: 8-15 pages (1800 characters per page); the project must contain the proposal of a tutor (name), selected from the list of tutors approved by the Program Council.
- brief professional biography;
-list of publications and other scholarly activities of the applicant (participation at conferences, participation in research projects etc.);
- documents certifying a completed higher-education studies at the masters level (applicants who complete their masters studies after the application deadline have to document the completion of their studies by 30.9.2016 at the latest);
-other relevant documents (e.g. international cerficate of a foreign language or a certificate of state exam).

2. Graduation from a masters or follow-up masters study program.
3. Submission of a dissertation thesis project, which the applicant defended during the entrance examination.
4. To gain the minimal sum of points specified by the dean. An applicant who will be awarded less than 5 points from dissertation project will not be admitted.

Information on the exercise of graduates:

The alumnus of the doctoral study program Civil Sector Studies is a qualified expert with a broad outlook on the fundamental theoretical concepts used to study the civil and nonprofit sector, with necessary analytical skills and thorough knowledge of the civil sector in the Czech Republic, abroad and in the European Union. Alumni are able to participate in both basic and applied research in research institutions and higher-education institutions in the field. He or she is also well prepared for demanding managerial and expert positions in civil sector organizations and has an outstanding qualification for the work in those positions in public administration and private sphere where the knowledge of the civil sector is a necessity.

Guarantor of the field of study:

doc. Ing. Marie Dohnalová CSc.

Study programme guarantor:

doc. PhDr. Jan Horský Ph.D.


José Martího 31, Praha 6 - Veleslavín, 162 52


If you have any questions, please contact us on Facebook.

Accreditation documents:

List of current supervisors:

prof. H. Anheier, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. O. Císař, Ph.D.; doc. Ing. M. Dohnalová, CSc.; prof. Ing. Z. Dvořáková, CSc.; doc. PhDr. P. Frič, Ph.D.; prof. M. Havelka, CSc.; prof. Ing. H. Kuvíková, Ph.D.; PhDr. Z. Mansfeldová, CSc.; Mgr. D. Moree, Dr.; Mgr. S. Muhič Dizdarevič, Ph.D.; doc. PhDr. K. Müller, Ph.D.; PhDr. T. Pospíšilová, Ph.D.; doc. Ing. L. Průša, CSc.; doc. PhDr. M. Skovajsa, M.A., Ph.D.


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