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The Charles University Research Development Schemes (known under the Czech acronym PRVOUK) have been providing institutional support for research at Charles University since 2012. The schemes are financed from the funding received from the state budget to support the University’s long-term strategic development as a research organization (known as ‘institutional funding’). The aim of the schemes is to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of research outputs at the University – not only on a national level, but also internationally.

The schemes are open for a five-year period (until the end of 2016), at this time (autumn 2017) the whole programme is evaluated by Science Board.

PRVOUK incorporated 48 programmes ranging from humanities and social sciences to medicine and natural sciences. All 17 faculties and 4 other parts of the University were involved in the programmes, some of which were involve cooperation among different faculties.

A successor (continuator) of the PRVOUK programme is currently new programme PROGRES.

Call for proposals for the 2nd round of the competition within the Framework of Institutional Support for Research at Charles University in 2018 - PROGRES, Q21

The applications in the second round of the competition for operational resources to carry out research projects in 2018 are to be submitted by 7/6/2018. The web application to submit your proposals will be available at: veda.is.cuni.cz and will be open 1/5/2018. The username and passwords are the same as those used for any other Charles University web applications. The Progres web application is bilingual (Czech – English). In case of doubt or problems you may email to Petra Holanova at petra.holanova@fhs.cuni.cz.

The relevant criterion in the process of selection, which will take place at a meeting of the program Council in mid-June 2018, is the quality of the project and its contribution to FHS scholarly output based on the rules for the Methods for Evaluating Results in Scholarship and Research. With regard to this, the projects are assessed in five categories according to their priority. Please submit your applications individually, one per project, choosing one of the following categories:

A. Publications to be published in the given year which will be evaluated at RIV (or artistic output evaluated in the RUV database).

B. Publications to be published later which will be evaluated at RIV. (or artistic output evaluated in the RUV database)

C. Active participation at conferences, research fellowships, fellowships of visiting researchers, organization of a conference. Please specify if there will be any output in the form of publications and if these will be evaluated in the RIV or not.

D. Publications that will not be evaluated at RIV (editions, translations, text books).

E. Technical and material support.

Applications filed in the categories A, B and D have to contain as specific information about the given publication as possible; in case of monographs, the applications have to contain the following annexes: 1) publisher calculation of the publishing costs, including VAT (for all invoices from abroad please take into account the invoiced amount plus VAT and consult the financial department at FHS), and an estimate of the profit made by publication sale 2) contract with a publisher and 3) reviews or expert opinions for the publisher, which the author of the publication is entitled to request from the publisher. If you do not have these annexes at your disposal, please attach a pdf-file containing your publication/article to your application. In case of articles for journals, the author should also certify that these journals are evaluated in the RIV (i.e. they are listed in the ERIH or SCOPUS databases, or in the list of peer reviewed no impact factor periodicals published in the Czech Republic). Similarly, the costs of type C or E must be thoroughly specified or supported by relevant documents (price of the tickets, accommodation, conference fee), otherwise the applications will be rejected. Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Petra Holanová (petra.holanova@fhs.cuni.cz) at the Department of Research. Before submitting the application filed in the C or E category please check with the secretary of the faculty that the costs of the requested material cannot be covered from other funds at the faculty.

The funds must be drawn by 30 November 2018, in time for the closing of accounts in the financial year. Please note that funds paid through “DPP” (agreements to complete a job) and stipends must be paid by 11 November 2018.

Petra Holanová will inform the applicants about the final decisions on funding by email.

In Prague on 25 April 2018

doc. Karel Novotný Ph.D., DSc.

PROGRES Q21 „Text and Image in Phenomenology and Semiotics“ Program Coordinator

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