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Programmes of Developing Academic Fields at Charles University

PRVOUK (Programy rozvoje vědeckých oblastí na UK)

The Faculty of Humanities of Charles University in Prague formulated its central strategies of academic research on the basis of evaluating the processes of specializations in basic research and on the formation of distinctive research teams; the chief areas of academic research in this field proved to be philosophy, anthropology and the applied social sciences.

Since these strategies were formulated in association with the preparation of the new system of Institutional Support for Longterm Development of Research Organizations supported by the The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: Programmes of Developing Academic Fields at Charles University in Prague, they were specifically defined in three basic faculty programs launched in 2012.

Phenomenology and Semiotics.

The focus of academic interest in this program centers on the principal issues of philosophy; associated fields of research include the mutual relations of action, creativity and rhetoric in areas such as ethics or politics, but also in the philosophy of art and esthetics.  Semiotic research chiefly examines the relation between representation and interpretation, the forms of authorship and of creativity in new media, the metamorphosis of urban space, and technologies of power and their impact on contemporary society. The program also includes the hermeneutics of Ancient and Medieval texts in various cultural-historical, religious and social contexts. This research also adopts an interdisciplinary approach, combining philology, philosophy, the history of intellect, religion studies, manuscript studies, etc. Focus is placed on texts stemming from distinct religions. One direction of research that the workplace wishes to develop is digital philology.

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

This program includes the following fields and issue-oriented interdisciplinary specializations: the sociology of knowledge, of institutions and of organizations, gender studies, studies of civil society and the civil sector, studies of management and supervision in care providing organizations. The main theme of research in this program is the critical transformations of institutions in contemporary society and their impact on man; reproduction and the change of the gender code; new forms of active citizenship and collective action; social innovation and social economics; processes of management and cultural dynamics in civil organizations and in care providing organizations. Results of these research activities also benefit institutions of public administration, international and transnational organizations, the civil sector, the corporate sphere and the general public.

Cultural, Social and Historical Anthropology.

The core of this field of academic research is the forms of human behavior, (social) action and cognition not only in terms of their typological determinations (in the sense of the hominization process), but also in terms of their historical, cultural, social, generational and group contingency and variability. Not only theoretical analyses, but also qualitative (interpretative), empirical and quantitative-analytical methods of research are applied. Individual research efforts stem from the methods of biology, of behavioral-evolutionary sciences, of philosophical, cultural and social anthropology, of historical sciences (especially social history, the history of mentalities, cultural history and historical anthropology, historical demographics and oral history), of historical sociology and of medicinal sciences (e.g. gerontology, studies of cognitive defects, etc.).

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