CU Student Cards

Charles University (CU) Student Cards serve as evidence of the holder's relation to Charles University. CU Student Cards are issued in CU Information and Advisory Centre and other Card Issue Centres. Office hours can be found here. In order to issue the CU Student Card, students only need ID card and a faculty coupon (attachable stamp) confirming the validity of the card in the given academic year and the student's enrolment at a particular faculty.

Types of student cards

CU Student's Identification Card:

  • free of charge

  • for CU students enrolled in accredited degree programmes, including programmes taught in a foreign language.

The FHS faculty coupons confirm the validity of the card in the given academic year and the student's enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities, these are distributed free of charge by the respective department of the Faculty of Humanities.

The coupon is valid from July 1st before the beginning of the academic year printed on it, to 31 October following the end of that academic year. Without a valid faculty coupon, the card cannot be used as proof of CU student status.

CU ISIC Student's Identification Card

  • 230 CZK (ISIC)

  • for CU degree students

The faculty coupons do not act as a prolongation of the ISIC licence validity. It is necessary to prolong the ISIC licence validity at the beginning of new academic year at the card issue centre, the fee for the prolongation of the ISIC licence validity is 230 CZK.

CU International Student's Identification Card:

  • free of charge

  • for international non-degree CU students (International students who study at CU within the framework of exchanges, scholarships etc. and/or under international or EU programmes based on inter-governmental or university/faculty partnership agreements

  • Erasmus international students may apply for the CU International Student Card with ISIC licence (CU-ISIC International Student Card)

The FHS faculty coupons are distributed by the International Office of the Faculty of Humanities during the registration of the student at the Faculty of Humanities on the first day of the induction orientation week.

User manual

CU student cards serve as a universal “key” to a huge variety of services at the University, saving you time and making your life easier. The CU Student Card allows you to:

  • use it as a Travel Pass for Prague Public Transport if you are less than 26 years old. For more information on using CU Student Cards in Prague's public transport system see this webpage.

  • log in to the Student Information System (SIS).

  • access the Jinonice and other CU facilities/services (internet, computer labs, library, copying / printing etc.).

  • order lunch in any CU cafeteria.

Further information about CU Student Cards can be found here.

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