Liberal Arts and Humanities

Application Form and Deadline

Application deadline is March 31, 2018.

Application form is available here.

Description of the Field of Study

The Bachelor Degree study of Liberal Arts and Humanities is a university study in the humanities that is centred on philosophy, history, and cultural and social anthropology. The program's significant feature is a widely opened study schedule that allows students to pursue their individual abilities and develop their interests. Every student completes mandatory courses in humanities and social sciences and passes comprehensive exams relevant to each field. By properly choosing other courses during the study, students can gradually specialise and focus either on further (Master's) study in any of the relative theoretical branches, or on the practical use of acquired skills.

Admission Exam Description

The entrance examination is comprised of a summary of an English academic text, to be written in English, and answering follow-up questions based on the text, in English. These questions are intended to ascertain whether the applicant fully grasped the content of the text. Prior to the examination, applicants will receive a letter announcing the date and time of the examination. No dictionaries, books, notes, mobile phones or other digital devices are allowed.

Admission Exam Date

Exam date for the bachelor’s study program Liberal Arts and Humanities is May 28, 2018, 11:30 a.m.

Exception: Any applicant who cannot take the admission exam at its scheduled time due to illness or another reasonable cause is allowed to take the exam at a later time. Taking an admission exam at another school is not a legitimate reason for an extra term. The applicant must formally request the extension through the Student Administration Office no later than June 2.

Admission Requirements

  1. Obtain the acceptable minimum number of points in the admission examination.

  2. Submit a notarized copy of your high school or secondary school diploma. If you graduated outside the Czech Republic, then you must submit an official “nostrification” document validating your foreign education.

Sample Admission Exam and Preparation Course

Please, see the Sample Admission Exam. Time limit for the exam is set to 3 hours (180 min). Information about Preparation Course for the bachelor’s degree study Liberal Arts and Humanities is available here.

Profile of a Graduate

The graduate of the Liberal Arts and Humanities acquires knowledge in many disciplines of the humanities (philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, anthropology and economics) and an interdisciplinary, thorough practical knowledge of at least one foreign language, including professional translation skills, the ability of critical thinking and of sophisticated speech and writing. Great emphasis is put, above all, on self-reliance and responsibility training and on individual creative work, which allows to develop further effective education and flexibility under the changing conditions on the labour market. The graduate acquires qualifications for a wide range of employments, for example in the fields of state administration and self-government, in non-profit organisations, in education, in research activities for various institutions or in consulting in the multicultural sphere and in humanities-oriented institutions. The graduate with a predominantly theoretical specialisation acquires during their studies not only a solid base in the general humanities, but also expertise in any of above- mentioned humanities disciplines, and thus will be adequately prepared for further studies in many branches of the humanities on the master's level. The graduate with a predominantly applied skills specialisation may be employed in the fields of public relations, advertisement, media etc., thanks to their acquired knowledge of, for example, creating research projects, text editing and preparation, information processing and creating company presentations.


Tuition fee for the program is 2000 € (54 000 CZK)/year.


Tutor: Milan Hanyš, Ph.D.


Administration: Vratislav Kozák


Further Information

Please, contact Student Administration Office:


Phone: +420 251 080 211

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