PhD Contemporary European Cultural History

The aim of the PhD Programme of Contemporary European Cultural History is the scientific preparation of experts for the thematically wide-ranging research of history and cultural history, including cultural heritage and traditions from 1918 to the most current (moving) present day. The area covered under the discipline is Europe, including the Czech Republic, or rather its predecessor Czechoslovakia. The approach to the researched/discussed topics is supraregional, interdisciplinary, and if possible comparative.

The Contemporary European Cultural History Study Programme is defined in the paradigm of traditional and “new” cultural history, including the cultural aspects of the whole social reality, or struggles for cultural sovereignty or, on the contrary, autonomy in the public sphere.

The basis of PhD teaching is an intensive familiarisation with modern trends in methodology (including comparative science). This is followed by optional courses of critical applications of contemporary methods to written, oral and material sources (methods of archival research, use of statistical information including critical research of public opinion polls), also the work with products of high and popular culture (radio recordings, film) and the use of information from media and belles lettres, etc. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinarity, and the complementarity of approaches in order to obtain the most comprehensive and most rounded picture of the past.

The Contemporary European Cultural History Study Programme is the only historical discipline in the Czech Republic that focuses specifically on the thematisation of contemporary cultural history, moreover at the European level. Today, the cultural component is perceived as an essential aspect of a wide range of historiography areas. It is not only about “new cultural history”, but also about “new political history”, i.e. about issues of politically connotated struggles for cultural dominance or, on the contrary, autonomy etc. The candidate must obtain reliable methodological background, factual support and, if possible, practical experience verified by student projects and workshops to be able to study and interpret these aspects of the historical process.

The programme is designed in such a way that the graduate is prepared for independent scientific work within the relevant area of the theoretical interest of the branch and is able to work professionally in the academic world, both at home and abroad.

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Vice-dean of PhD Study Programmes, Faculty of Humanities at Charles University: Ing. Jana Jeníčková, Ph.D.

Guarantor of the Study Programme: prof. PhDr. Jiří Pešek, CSc.

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