PhD Contemporary European History

Application Form and Deadline

Application deadline is April 30, 2017.

Application form for full-time study and part-time (combined) study.

Description of the Field of Study

The doctoral Contemporary History of Europe programme aims to prepare experts trained for a widely conceived scientific research in history and cultural history since 1918 until the present day, including cultural heritage and traditions. The field of research is defined as Europe, including the Czech Republic and/or Czechoslovakia, its predecessor. The research should be approached in a supra-regional, inter-disciplinary and possibly comparative way, focusing particularly on the cultural, spiritual, social and political as well as the day-to-day history of Europe since the end of World War I, and the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Lands perceived in its European context.

Admission Exam

The exam consists of a discussion about the project of the dissertation (max. 6 points) and a check of basic assumptions for the study (max. 4 points). Entrance examination will check the ability of the applicant to deal with the dissertation project. Applicants will prepare an oral presentation of their project (maximum length 10 minutes).

Admission Requirements

  1. To enter the entrance examination process it is necessary to submit by 30. 4. 2017 a filled-in application form for the doctoral study together with the following attachments:

    • dissertation thesis project (recommended sections: outline of the reasearch problem and research questions, overview of the current state of research, explanation of the selected methodology and research techniques, proposed approach to the problém, list of relevant literature, time schedule of the research, explanation of the relevance of the theme for the study program Civil Sector Studies); recommended length of the project: 10 pages; the project must contain the proposal of a tutor (name), selected from the list of tutors approved by the Program Council;

    • brief professional biography;

    • list of publications and other scholarly activities of the applicant (participation at conferences, participation in research projects etc.);

    • documents certifying a completed higher-education studies at the masters level (applicants who complete their masters studies after the application deadline have to document the completion of their studies by 30. 9. 2017 at the latest);

    • other relevant documents (e.g. international cerficate of a foreign language or a certificate of state exam).

  2. Graduation from a masters or follow-up masters study program.

  3. Submission of a dissertation thesis project, which the applicant defended during the entrance examination.

  4. To gain the minimal sum of points specified by the dean. An applicant who will be awarded less than 4 points from dissertation project will not be admitted.

Profile of a Graduate

Graduates of the Contemporary History of Europe programme are experts with a thorough, state-of-the-art theoretical and methodological knowledge of both European and Czech history, and particularly the history of the last one hundred years. Potential PhD topics, not least with regard to the Master programmes in European Cultural and Intellectual History, resp. Oral History – Contemporary History, will deal with the Cultural, Social, Intellectual, Political, and Everyday History of Europe since the end of World War I as well as the complex history of the Czechoslovak Republic, resp. the Czech lands, in a European context. They are trained for independent scientific research in relevant fields of their specialization, and their professional competence can be applied in academic spheres both abroad and at home. Graduates are able to readily and knowledgeably grasp the workings of the academic world. They are well prepared for positions in EU political and cultural institutions, state administration and the public sector (i.e. NGO’s or governmental organizations, and the media).


Tuition fee for the program is 2000 € (54 000 CZK)/year.

List of Supervisors:

List of Supervisors

Further Information

Guarantor of the field of study / Study programme guarantor: prof. PhDr. Jiří Pešek CSc.

Address: U Kříže 8, 158 00 Praha 5

Contact person: Ing. Jana Jeníčková, Ph.D.

Web: Doctoral Study Department

Phone: +420 251 080 351


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