PhD Social Ecology

New paradigms of the Anthropocene epoch require a new way of asking and answering questions. It is necessary to understand complex interactions between the socioeconomic and biophysical system of our planet, to understand the significance of these relationships, relative importance and also their risks. The Study Programme should continue to contribute to the understanding of these processes as a necessary condition for socioeconomic development that respects environmental limits on which it is completely dependent. The programme is based on an interdisciplinary approach, which is at present, in the given field, unambiguously aimed at a stronger interdependence between natural and social science disciplines and subjects.

The Study programme is – ex definitione – interdisciplinary; it is based mainly on sociology, economics, environmental sciences, as well as international relations, political science, pedagogy, statistics, computer science, and other disciplines and sub-disciplines of social and natural sciences. Further professional development is based on the development of knowledge in the discipline which is newly gaining ground – “sustainability science”, or in other close disciplines such as environmental economics and sociology, environmental education and education for sustainable development, public policy with governance and participation issues, etc.

The aim of the Study Programme is to prepare highly qualified and employable experts for the complex interdisciplinary issue of relationships between a human as an individual or the society and natural or human-influenced environment and natural systems. The prerequisite being a broad range of knowledge of relevant theoretical approaches in social and environmental sciences, knowledge of approaches and methods of sociological, economic, pedagogical and environmental research as well as knowledge of current political discourse both in the Czech Republic and internationally.

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