prof. PhDr. Zdeněk R. Nešpor, Ph.D.

Zdeněk NEŠPOR, professor

Head of the department of European Cultural and Intellectual History

Research Areas

  • Czech Religion in European Context Since 18th Century to the Present

  • Protestant Church History

  • Sociology of Religion and Culture

  • Popular Culture of the 20th Century

  • History of Sociology and Social Sciences

  • Social Anthropology

  • Economic Sociology


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Contact Information and Office Hours

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Work Experience

  • 2001–present: Charles University, Faculty of Humanities – Associate Professor

  • 2002–present: Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology – Senior Researcher

  • 2003–2005: Charles University, Faculty of Arts – Researcher


  • 2009: Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague, Habilitation

  • 2005: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, PhD. in history

  • 2002: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, M. A. in history of religions

  • 2001: Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague, M. A. in social anthropology

  • 1998: Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague, B. A. in humanities

Foreign Fellowships

  • 2006: EHESS Paris – Centre d´études interdisciplinaires des faits religieux

  • 2007: University of California Santa Barbara – Dpt. of Religious Studies


  • 2016–present: Central European Journal for Contemportary Religion – member of EB

  • 2014–present: member of the Disciplinary Committee for Philosophy and Religious Sciences

  • 2008–present: Anthropological journal Lidé města / Urban People – editor-in-chief

  • 2006–2016: Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review – member of EB

  • 2009–2013: Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) - chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee for History and Archeology

  • 2009–2011: vice-chairperson of General Committee for Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Member of Historical Comitte on the Study of Re-Catholisation of the Czech Lands in the 16th - 18th Centuries

Selected Publications

  • ”Religious Processes in Contemporary Czech Society.” Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review 40, 2004, 3: 277-295.

  • „Nation statt Konfession. Der Niedergang konfessioneller Wahrnehmungsmuster und das Anwachsen des Nationalbewußtseins in Böhmen an der Wende vom 18. zum 19. Jahrhundert.“ Historisches Jahrbuch 126, 2006: 191-219.

  • „‘The Son Has Ploughed’, But a Foreign Son. Five Case Studies on Transformation Strategies in Czech Agriculture after 1989.“ Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review 42, 2006, 6: 1171-1194.

  • „Three European Sociologies of Religion. Beyond the Usual Agenda of the Discipline.“ Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review 44, 2008, 3: 557-578.

  • „Invisible Religion in a ‚Non-believing‘ Country. The Case of the Czech Republic.“ Social Compass 56, 2009, 4: 581-597 (with Dana Hamplova).

  • „Religion: An Unsolved Problem for the Modern Czech Nation.” Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review 45, 2009, 6: 1215-1237 (with Olga Nesporova).

  • „Religion in der tschechischen Gesellschaft nach 1989.“ Pp. 877-894 in Martin Schulze Wessel – Martin Zückert (Hg.): Handbuch der Religions- und Kirchengeschichte der böhmischen Länder und Tschechiens im 20. Jahrhundert. München 2009: Oldenbourg.

  • „Der Wandel der tschechischen (Nicht-)Religiosität im 20. Jahrhundert im Lichte soziologischer Forschungen.“ Historisches Jahrbuch 129, 2009: 501-532.

  • „Attitudes towards Religion(s) in a ‘Non-believing’ Czech Republic.“ Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 19, 2010, 1: 68-84.

  • „L´amnésie de la remémoration dans la société tchèque.” Archive de Sciences Sociales des Religions 55, 2010, 149: 109-128.

  • „Birth of the „Cremation Power.“ Growth in Cremation and Building of Crematoria in the Czech Republic.“ Pp. 248-262 in Marius Rotar - Adriana Teodorescu (eds.): Dying and Death in 18th-21st Century Europe. Newcastle upon Tyne 2011: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

  • „Czech Sociology of Religion under the Communist Regime 1948-1989.“ Pp. 59-87 in Ulf Brunnbauer – Claudia Kraft – Martin Schulze Wessel (eds.): Sociology and Ethnography in East-Central and South-East Europe. Scientific Self-Description in State Socialist Countries. München 2011: Oldenbourg.

  • „Czech Republic“, „Enlightenment“, „Poland“ Pp. 275, 345-347, 1000-1001 in Mark Juergensmeyer – Wade Clark Roof (eds.): Encyclopedia of Global Religion. Los Angeles 2012: Sage.

  • „‘Volkshandschriften‘ in der Religionsgeschichte der böhmischen Ländern im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Barock und Aufklärung bei Katolíkem und Nichtkatoken.“ Historisches Jahrbuch 2011, 132: 304-353 (with Hedvika Kucharova).

  • „Cremation Movement in the Czech Lands in the 20th Century.” Pp. 119-140 in Eric Venbrux – Thomas Quartier – Claudia Venhorst – Brenda Mathijssen (eds.): Changing European Death Ways. Münster 2013: LIT.

  • “Sociological Research Conducted on the Poor in Interwar Prague.” In: Poverty, Charity and Social Welfare in Central Europe in the 19th – 20th Century. Newcastle upon Tyne 2016: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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