RUV - Registration of artistic works

The registration of artistic works produced in 2017 was collected between December 2017 and February 2018.

What is RUV and how does it work?

RUV is a register of artistic works, which serves as a storage of information about artistic works produced within the framework of creative activities of Universities in the Czech Republic. It is similar to the RIV registry that serves as a platform for science and research. RUV was created to try to rehabilitate and reinforce the role of art in the field of human cognition and study, as it is often misplaced.

Basic procedural structure of RUV:

1) the artistic work/ performance is realised

2) the relevant faculty (student, academic worker) will register the work of art/performance in the RUV application

3) the work of art/ performance is evaluated through the application

4) the artwork/ performance is certified or denied by RUV committee

7 segments of RUV:

• Architecture (architectural design, exhibition etc.)

• Audio visual (directing, screenplay, main production, camera, editing, design, sound track, etc.)

• Design (graphic design, product and industrial design, fashion, textiles, jewellery, glass, porcelain, ceramics, realized design, exposed design, etc.)

• Music (interpretation, composition, concert, solo performance, etc.)

• Scenic arts (drama, puppet theatre, opera, screenplays, drama, dance and movement theatre, etc.)

• Literature (novel, translations of works of art, memoirs, essays, poems, novels, short stories, etc.)

• Fine arts (installation of artwork, exhibition, restoration, etc.)

The manuals for each segment can be found at RUV manual (in Czech)

How does RUV relate to our faculty?

Although FHS does not offer studies in the field of art, some study courses and programmes are artistically oriented, so we can assume that many of our teachers and students are performing artistic activities, e.g. various kinds of translation, essays, concerts, exhibitions, or direction are often used as artistic performances within FHS. The outputs that FHS reported in 2016 can be searched directly in the RUV database.

For the last 5 years, our faculty has reported a total of 87 artistic outcomes (for 2012 - 8, for 2013 - 21, for 2014 - 16, for 2015 - 31.) In 2016 we collected 11 artistic works.

How to register your artistic outputs?

If you feel that your activity is fitting, you would like to learn more about the opportunity to report through RUV, contact the Science and Research Department or you can read more about the application on the CU library site or directly on the RUV website.


Sign up for the RUV app and choose the "Academic Worker" role. After registering and signing up, you can insert the information about your artistic work. The app is very user-friendly and the menu easily takes you to the form you have to fill in.


If you are a student, it is not possible for you to register to the application yourself, but you have to fill out a form and sent it to the Department of Science. An employer of the Department will then register it for you based on the information you put into the form.

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