Financial Support of Student Life

  • In support for student life, The Dean of the Faculty created a “Student Account” which is part of the FHS CU budget.

  • A financial contribution from the “Student Account” can be applied for by a student or group of students of the FHS CU.

  • Funds are allocated based on an application made to an authorised representative of the Student Chamber of the Academic Senate of the FHS CU which is submitted within the time constraints, in a predetermined form (found at the bottom of this page) and sent the email address listed on the AS FHS CU website. The Student Chamber won’t deal with applications which fail to meet all requirements (see the Form to request the allocation of funds). A Student Chamber representative of the AS FHS CU, is authorised to deal with matters regarding the “Student Account”, they always be elected at the first regular meeting of the AS FHS CU, which takes place after 1st February. The election process corresponds with the election process of the Presidium of the AS FHS CU. Members of the AS FHS CU may agree that a representative of the Student Chamber can be the same person as the Vice-President of the AS FHS CU who is elected from the student body. In this case, no other election is needed.

  • The creation of the “Student Account” and the amount allocated to it is decided by the Dean of the FHS CU annually at the proposal of the Secretary of the Faculty.

  • The Student Chamber of the AS FHS CU (hereinafter referred to as the SC AS FHS CU, Student Chamber, Academic Senate, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University) independently holds meetings in matters of fund allocation to the “Student Account”.

  • Applicants are required to present their project at the relevant SC AS FHS CU meeting.

  • The allocation of project finance cannot be decided without applicant’s participation. If any of the applicants cannot attend the meeting, they will choose for themselves a representative who will present the project at the meeting.

  • The SC AS FHS CU suggests the amount and method of funding at the relevant meeting. Proposals should be properly justified and all rejected projects must also be mentioned. The proposal is then passed onto the AS FHS CU (see section 10) which gives its opinion on the proposal, together with any comments by the AS FHS CU, and is then submitted to the Dean of the FHS CU (see section 11).

  • Within five working days of the AS FHS CU meeting and project proposal, a SC AS FHS CU representative will present this proposal (along with any AS FHS CU comments) to the Dean of the FHS CU, through the Dean’s Secretariat. The Dean of the FHS CU will consider the proposal and decide on the allocation or non-allocation of funds within five working days.

  • The Dean's decision is final and cannot be appealed. The Dean's decision is collected by a member of the SC AS FHS CU at the Secretariat of the Dean and will then be sent to all applicants and subsequently published on the AS FHS CU website.

  • There is no legal claim to the money from the “Student Account”. Decisions to award the full amount requested, part of the amount requested, or allocate no funds are final.

  • In the event that the project is not implemented by the implementation date stated in the application, or is not implemented in accordance with the approved plan and in accordance with applicable accounting rules, entitlement to the financial allocation becomes void.


Financial Support of Student Life

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