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The capital and largest city of the Czech Republic has been a thriving cultural and political centre since the Middle Ages. ‘The city of a hundred spires’ or ‘Golden Prague’ is home to a unique collection of historical monuments built in various styles and dominated by Prague Castle. The historical city centre, set on both banks of the Vltava River, has been listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register since 1992.


Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. The metro, trams and buses cover the majority of the city and outskirts.

Metro: It operates from 5 am to 12 pm on 3 lines:

Green line A: runs from the East to the North West parts of the city. The final stops are: Depo

Hostivař (on the East) and Nemocnice Motol (on the North West). It runs through such districts as Staré Město (the very centre of the city), Malá Strana, Hradčany, Vinohrady etc.

Yellow line B: runs from the West to the North East. The final stops: Zličín (on the West) and Černý Most (on the North East). It runs through such districts as Karlín, Nové Město, Smíchov, Jinonice, Zličín etc.

Red line C: runs from the South East to North. The final stops: Letňany (on the North), Háje (on the South East). It runs through such districts as Holešovice, Nové Město, Vyšehrad, Chodov, Háje etc.

Buses and trams: To get to the outer parts of the city you often need to combine metro with trams or buses. It operates also during the night.

Detailed information on public transport in Prague including the changes and restrictions in operation is available on the Prague Public Transport company website www.dpp.cz/en/.

You can search for connections and timetables at idos.cz or at dpp.cz.

Day operation: metro and tram, tram and bus

Night operation: tram and bus

Single tickets

Single tickets are available at tickets machines, ticket windows at selected stops, or at newsstands. You can also by your ticket by writing SMS with the text: DPT24 (30 min), DPT32 (90 minutes) or DPT110 (1 day) and sending it to number 90206.

Single Tickets Fares: 24 CZK (valid for 30 minutes); 32 CZK (90 minutes); 110 CZK (1 day)

Tickets are valid on all means of public transport and you may even change.

Student travel pass

If you are younger than 26, you can use your student card as a travel pass (together with the Faculty coupon) and buy the transport season passes for reduced (student) prices:

30-day: 260 CZK

90-day: 720 CZK

Lítačka travel pass

If you are more than 26 years of age, you have to pay the full charge for the municipal transport in Prague (550 CZK for 30 days, 1,480 CZK for 3 months) and to arrange for a Prague citizen card called Lítačka, which used to be called Opencard.

You can get the express version of the Lítačka in just 15 minutes for 250 CZK and use it as a travel pass the very same day.

The Lítačka is issued in the Palace Skoda or Adria (both situated on Jungmannova Street No.35/31, respectively) in Prague 1.

For further information on fares, see www.dpp.cz/en/fares-in-prague/.

Safety and Security

Important phone numbers:

Emergency: 112

Ambulance: 155

Fire: 150

Police: 158

City Police: 156

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