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If you are coming to study at our Faculty from one of the states with visa obligation (a list of these states can be found on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs), you need to go through the visa approval process.

Depending on your purpose of travel and your future plans, you can apply for a short-term and long-term visa as well as a long-term residence permit.

We strongly recommend that you read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and decide what type of visa/residence permit suits you best.

Check out the video below which goes over various topics concerning visas and residence permits.

Our Responsibilities

If you are officially accepted into your chosen study program and have met all admission requirements, the Faculty will send you an official decision on acceptance (an acceptance letter), based on which you can apply for your visa/residence permit. The Letter of Acceptance, based on which you can apply for your long-term visa/residence permit, can be issued only after you have completed all of the relevant admission requirements.

If you are experiencing any issues during your visa application process, please, let us know at .

Other Documents

Apart from the documents that confirm your reason of stay in the Czech Republic, you will also need to provide the authorities with proof of long-term accommodation where you will be staying for the respective length of the visa.

If you want to live in the university dorms, our Faculty’s Student Administration Office can help you with booking your room at one of the CU dormitories - for further information, contact us at .

Please, be aware that student housing is currently very popular - we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as you decide to join CU

If you choose to live outside University premises, you have to make sure to complete all of the necessary steps on your own.

Together with accommodation, you may also need to purchase relevant health insurance for the length of your stay in the Czech Republic. Together with these documents you may also need to provide proof of funds, i.e. demonstrate your ability to finance your stay in the Czech Republic. The exact details, as well as the relevant procedures, are all described on the website of the Czech Ministry of Interior.

Upon Arrival

All students are legally obliged to register with the Foreign Police within 3 days of their arrival, if it has not been done by the accommodation provider (e.g. Student´s residence hall, hostel, hotel etc.).

Students who applied for a long-term (or permanent) residence permit at a Czech Embassy and received an entry visa must, within three working days, report their arrival to the MOI office in person to carry out activities associated with issuing a biometric residence card.

Detailed information for international students is available on the Ministry of Interior website. We strongly recommend that students read the provided information.

Where To Go?

To complete the visa approval process, you can visit the Department for Asylum and Migration of the Ministry of Interior in Prague. University students with residence in Prague and the Praha-Západ and Praha-Východ districts can visit the MOI office at Hládkov 682/9, Prague 6. Contacts for the MOI offices are available here.

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