Application Fees

For your application to be officially submitted and processed, it has to be paid in full. Below, you can find the relevant information for making your application payment.

You can find a tutorial on how to fill out the online application and pay the application fee here.

  • Applications to Bachelor's and Master's Study Programmes: 880 CZK

Further details about the payment of the application fee will be provided to you after the submission of your application. If you pay with your card rather than a bank transfer, your payment is accepted faster - therefore, we recommend that you pay by card if possible.

We don’t accept any cash payments at the Faculty. Please, bear in mind that without succesful payment of the application fee your application cannot be processed and finalised.

Bank transfer

Account number: 27-1842600277/0100

Bank name: Komerční Banka (KB)

Bank address: Komerční Banka, Na Příkopě 33, Praha 1, 11407

IBAN: CZ86 0100 0000 2718 4260 0277


Payment Identifiers

The payment identifiers below are relevant if you decide to pay via bank transfer.

  • Variable symbol:

    If you apply online, our information system will generate an individual variable symbol for your application. The variable code allows us to pair your application with your payment and is, therefore, crucial to succesfully submitting an application. Please, do not forget to enter the variable code generated for you.

  • Constant symbol: 0379

    Constant symbol (for bank transaction): 0558

    The constant code allows us to specify the payment further. However, the constant code is not as important as the variable code; the payment can still be paired with your application if you only enter the variable code.

More information on payment identifiers and their use in payments from abroad can be found on the webpages of the Czech National Bank.

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