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Outgoing Academic Staff Mobility (Erasmus)

Outgoing Academic Staff Mobility through Erasmus+

Who is eligible

  • The staff member must be an employee of Charles University and have a contract of employment (‘Pracovní smlouva’) or other forms of short-term contract such as ‘DPČ’ and ‘DPP‘.

  • Staff members must also be involved in teaching activities at Charles University.

Length of Teaching Period

Eligible Cost and Financial Support

Before Departure

When You Return

Length of Teaching Period

The recommended minimum length of a teaching period is 5 working days, whereas the minimum is 2 working days.

It is necessary to teach a minimum of 8 teaching hours per 5 working days as well as per shorter stays.

Eligible Cost and Financial Support

There is a flat rate financial support to cover accommodation, local transport,daily meal allowance and travel insurance.

These rates are calculated as a maximum financial support for individual countries per 1 working day. The list of rates is available here.

Financial support for return travel expenses is based on the distance between Prague and the location of the partner university; there are assigned flat rates for the particular distances.  

The distance can be calculated by using the distance calculator at: ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/tools/distance_en.htm.

The assigned rates are as follows:



100 - 499 km

180 EUR

500 - 1 999 km

275 EUR

2 000 -2 999 km

360 EUR

3 000 - 3 999 km

530 EUR

4 000 -7 999 km

820 EUR

8 000 km and more

1 100 EUR

Before Departure

Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement

  • Find out whether there is a valid Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement with the respective partner university at: this website.

  • Inform the FHS International office about your intended Erasmus+ mobility for teaching at least 6 weeks before your planned visit.

Teaching Programme

  • Design your teaching programme with the prospective host department/colleague at the partner university.

  • Email the completed document to the FHS International office for the signature, then email it to the responsible person at the partner university for their countersignature, and finally it will be returned back to the FHS International Office.

FHS Travel Abroad Request Form (‘Návrh na vyslání‘)

  • Complete the form, have it signed by the head of your department, and submit it to Ms Tereza Wongová who is in charge of work travel abroad administration at the Faculty of Humanities. Room: 6005; e-mail: tereza.wongova@fhs.cuni.cz

Grant Agreement (‘Účastnická smlouva‘)

On the basis of the approved Teaching Programme and your Travel Abroad Request Form, the FHS international Office will issue a Grant Agreement to be signed by you and the FHS dean.

When You Return

E+ Confirmation of the Length of the Teaching Period

  • You need to have the Confirmation approved in the end of your stay by the responsible person at your host institution. Then it should be attached to the FHS Travel Abroad Expenses Statement (see below).

E+ Final Report

  • Complete the final report form and attach it to the FHS Travel Abroad Expenses Statement.

FHS Travel Abroad Expenses Statement Form & FHS Final Report on a Travel Abroad

  • List your eligible expenses in the form and attach any receipts so that they can be reimbursed.

  • Submit all documents in hard copies to Ms T. Wongova.

EU Survey Mobility Tool

  • This online survey to be completed once you have received an email with access details.

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