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Entrance and Orientation at FHS

Budova FHS UK


The main entrance to the building with a reception desk is located on the first floor and reachable from the Pátkova street.

On the western side of the building, on the ground floor from the Povltavská street, two other (only key card activated) entries are located, between the library and deanery offices.

On the southern and northern side of the premises, there are two entries to the building in the underground car park, an emergency staircase and an elevator.


Map of the building: UG / GF / 1F

The FHS building has been equipped with tactile signs for the blind. These have been placed on the outer side of all doors of the restrooms, cloakroom, library, and student administration office. The signs contain relief writing (also a diagram in some cases) in the upper part, in the lower part the same content in Braille.

Operating Hours

Monday–Friday 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Entry outside the operating hours must be registered with the security at the reception desk.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair Access is available from the Povltavská street over the stairs on the ground floor (assistance may be needed, as the surface finish is incomplete), alternatively, between the Faculty building and the Dormitories and Refectories premises, i.e. the main entrance on the first floor, reachable from the Pátkova street.

Traffic Connection

  • bus No. 187 (Pelc-Tyrolka stop, then ca 100 metres on foot)

  • tram No. 17 (Trojská stop, then ca 800 metres on foot)

  • bus No. 112 (Povltavská/Trojská stop, then ca 700–800 metres on foot)

  • bus No. 201 (Kuchyňka stop, then ca 600–700 on foot)

Look up the connection at dpp.cz

During summer holidays the traffic connection may be restricted.


Car Parking

The underground car park is available only to the employees of the Faculty with valid registration of their vehicle’s license number at the Premises and Facilities Administration, alternatively, at the IT Office. When applying, kindly state the licence number, and your relation to the Faculty. Entry to the car park is possible once the licence number recognition has been activated within the camera system.

The outside parking spaces are free for all employees, students and visitors of the Faculty and Dormitories and Refectories and are located in the pass between Pátkova and Povltavská.

Car parking is not allowed in the space between the Faculty and Dormitories and Refectories buildings.

Bicycle stands

On a board in front of the Faculty, there are three bicycle stands, each accommodating eight bicycles. The are located close to the B building of the 17. listopadu dormitory.

Lecture Rooms, Cloakroom, Room Reservation

Cards (employees)

Employees may enter all rooms of the building, except the engine room, restrooms and cleaning rooms, using the chip card with uploaded authorization in the extent of their work position.

The Premises and Facilities Administration or the IT Office may activate the access to studies, seminar rooms or the facilities (kitchenette, post, copy machine, garages, entrance to the building from the western side and others) (have your card with you). If you forget or lose your card, a temporary new one may be issued (a 200 CZK refundable deposit is required).

Manuals to the Lecture Rooms Equipment

Video manuals on the equipment of the lecture rooms (computers, window blinds and others) are available at the web page of the IT Office.


The cloakroom (room No. 0.38) is located on the ground floor and is accessible through the employee/student card. It offers 179 lockers with the dimensions of 100 cm × 27 cm × 38 cm (there is one peg in each locker). The locker can be locked with a key after a 5 CZK coin has been inserted, once it is unlocked again, the coin will be returned. For safety reasons, the keys do not contain the locker’s number.

Additional lockers are located in the corridors on both sides of the auditorium (Aula Jana Sokola). There are 64 lockers in the corridor to the canteen and 48 lockers in the corridor to the cloakroom. The total number of lockers is 200.

Irregular Room Reservations

Irregular reservation of classrooms for teaching, exams, defences of theses, meetings, sessions, mini-conferences and other activities arising from your labour-law relation with FHS CU

A reservation of a classroom outside the regular schedule may be done by the employees of the Faculty without prior consent directly in the Student Information System [Schedule NG - Schedule for building - FHS - WS 22/23 (cuni.cz)] under the NEW RESERVATION tab in the Schedule NG module, in the „YTROJA“ building.


The information on the capacity and equipment of rooms is also available in the SIS.

Reservation of the Conference Room and Halls

In case you would like to use the conference room No. 0.31 or the hall on the ground or first floor kindly apply via e-mail to rezervace@fhs.cuni.cz. State what space you would like to use, in what term, and for what purpose and wait for confirmation. It is not possible to make a reservation of these spaces through SIS.

Reservation of spaces for purposes not arising from the labour-law relation with FHS CU (bigger one-time events outside the Faculty’s activities, student reservations, reservations by other entities and others)

If you are interested in a reservation not mentioned above, kindly also use the address .

Student Lounge

Student Lounge

Students at the Faculty of Humanities can now make use of the newly opened modern student lounge. This space provides an ideal environment for both rest and effective studying.Serving as a refuge from busy hallways and classrooms, it represents an additional type of place sought after by students who appreciate peace and quiet for their work and relaxation. Construction of the space was supported by SSP funds.

This relaxation zone is located on the first floor, connected to the buffet area but spatially and visually separated from it. Modern furniture in positive colors, combined with indoor plants, creates an aesthetic whole enhancing the sense of comfort and a safe environment.

The student lounge is open throughout the day and closes at 8:00 PM.

Changing Table

Přebalovací pult v budově FHS UK

The changing table is available in the ground floor restroom (door No. 0.06).

Children's Play Area

Children's play area

There is a children's play area on the first floor in the café, which caring persons welcome. It is a place that will make the children's time at the faculty more enjoyable. Children of male and female staff and children of students can play here. Children will find a play carpet with city streets, toy cars, a wooden track with a train, teddy bears, a children's table with chairs and, for example, a tent where they can hide. Babysitting is not provided.

Refreshments Options

Troja Buffet and Canteen

The buffet is located near the main entrance on the first floor. The usual opening hours are: Monday–Friday 8 am. – 6 pm (the opening hours may change, updates are available on the Faculty web in News)

The Troja Canteen is located on the ground floor in the space between the faculty building and the Dormitories and Refectories building. Entrance is from the latter, on the first floor, opposite to the main entrance to the Faculty building, alternatively, during opening hours of the canteen, directly from the Faculty building (on the ground floor through the corridor on the left side of the lecture hall). The usual opening hours are: Monday–Friday 10.45 am. – 14.30 pm (the opening hours may change, updates are available on the Faculty web in News).

The buffet and canteen are both wheelchair accessible, via the elevator in the Faculty building.

Hot/Cold Drinks and Snacks Machines

Vending machines selling hot and cold drinks as well as small snacks may be used under the stairway on the ground floor, on the right side of the lecture hall.

Instant drinks (coffee, cocoa cappuccino and others) are available for 12 CZK, freshly ground coffee (black and white coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and others) for 15 CZK, large cups to go (coffee, cappuccino and others) for 20 CZK.

For refreshments, you can choose from a range of sweet and salty snacks, or baguettes.

You can pay with cash or contactless with card (Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay).

In case of any trouble, please call the line given on the machines.

Kitchenette for Student Needs

Students can use the kitchen in the Faculty building, which is located on the second floor (room No. 2.04). There is a microwave oven and a kettle. Opening on student card.


The library may be found on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. The opening hours, book search, available services and contacts can be found on the webpage https://knihovna.fhs.cuni.cz/.

Cleaning, Maintenance, Waste

Cleaning, Maintenance

Daily cleaning service is provided from 08:00 to 16:00. Other cleaning work takes place at night from Monday to Friday from 19:00 to 07:00.

If you are in need of cleaning or maintenance work, kindly contact the Premises and Facilities Administration.


Indoor, there are recycling bins available at each floor in the common spaces as well as in lecture rooms, and are labeled with stickers designating the type of waste in writing and in picture.

For larger waste, the recycling and mixed waste containers in the pass between Pátková and Povltavská, on the right from the entrance to the underground garage, may be used.

Important Contacts

Reception Desk

Phone: +420 224 271 411 (visitor announcement, providing contacts, wheelchair access assistance and others).

Premises and Facilities Administration

Radek Pilař, administrator of the building, office No 0.26, phone: +420 720 305 692, e-mail: .

IT Office

Phone: +420 224 271 453, office No. 1.07 (Other Contacts and Information).

Contact E-mail (Operation of the Building)

Contact e-mail:

Kindly direct your specific enquiries to particular administration offices.

Relevant Regulations

Directive of the Faculty Secretary No. 2/2021: Operating regulations of the building of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University

Last change: April 30, 2024 15:03 
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