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Originally founded as the Institute for Liberal Education of Charles University in 1994, the Faculty of Humanities Charles University gained  full academic autonomy in 2000. It was established to provide study programmes at the Bachelor‘s, Master’s and Ph.D. levels previously not available  at the university. Its main research and academic focus is the Humanities and Social and Cultural Anthropology. Located in a new, award-winning campus-like facility of Charles University in the Prague district of Jinonice, the school has 200 faculty members and approximately 2 600 students.

A pioneer since its inception, the Faculty was among the first at Charles University to adopt the Bologna Accords. In addition, it utilizes advances in e-learning and academic tracking technologies to allow distance learning for both traditional and non-traditional students, increased student/teacher communication, and web courses. Furthermore, the school is higly supportive of student mobility and encourages participation in various types of exchanges (the ERASMUS+ exchange program, summer school programs, bilateral agreements at the university as well as school level, etc.) thus increasing the diversity of students in Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies (program in English) and its other classes.

Under the leadership of Dean Professor Jan Sokol, Ph.D., the former education minister and nominated candidate for the presidency of the Czech Republic in 2003, the school developed several progressive programs answering important transitional needs. The foundation of its work is the Bachelor’s Programme in Liberal Arts and Humanities, offering students unprecedented individual choice in course selection in both theoretical and applied arts of philosophy, history, the social sciences, and languages. Since June 2007 the new dean has become Docent PhDr. Ladislav Benyovszky, CSc.

The Faculty of Humanities offers advanced degrees in General Anthropology, Civil Society Studies, Social and Cultural Ecology,  E-Culture and Semiotics, Management and Supervision in Social and Health Institutions, Gender Studies, Oral History - Contemporary History (EN), Historical Sociology (EN), German and French Philosophy in European Context (GE, FR) and Ph.D. programmes in Applied Ethics (EN), Environmental Sudies (EN), General Anthropology (EN), Historical Sociology (EN), Civil Sector Studies (EN), Deutsche und Französische Philosophie (GE), Philosophie allemande et française (FR) and Sémiotique et philosophie de la communication (FR).

Finally, there is a research and educational institution operating within the Facutly of Humanities: Centre of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care.

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Public transport: metro, line B (yellow), the Jinonice stop (the direction of Zličín from the city centre). Parking is available nearby.