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Faculty of Humanities offers a Bachelor's study programme, Liberal Arts and Humanities, which is taught in English, and a similar study programme, Studium humanitní vzdělanosti, taught in Czech. The English three-year Bachelor’s degree programme is a multidisciplinary programme which equips students with a strong background in humanities and social sciences. The English programme offers high-quality education enables you to gain knowledge in a wide range of academic fields - from social sciences such as anthropology, sociology or psychology to the study of languages, philosophy, history, gender or art.

Description of the Field of Study

Liberal Arts and Humanities is a university study programme in the humanities that is centred on philosophy, history, cultural and social anthropology, but encompasses also many different academic fields related to the study of humanities. In addition to studying a wide range of disciplines (philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology, languages), students can focus on a subject of their choice. The programme is an ideal preparation for further post-Bachelor studies in humanities and social sciences.

The programme's signature feature is a widely open study curriculum with only a few compulsory courses that enables you to pursue your individual interests and develop new abilities. Every student completes mandatory courses in the humanities and social sciences by successfully passing comprehensive exams relevant to each field. Additionally, students can choose from an offer of elective courses and create their own unique curriculums that complement their skills and interests. By choosing other courses during the study, students can gradually specialize in specific academic fields and focus on their preferred topics. After completing the study programme, graduates can either continue in further studies at our Faculty or make practical use out of their acquired skills.

Length of Study

3 years

Form of Study


Tuition Fee


Application Form

Available Here

Application Deadline

  • 2020/2021

  • 2021/2022

March 31, 2020


Entrance Exam

  • 2020/2021

  • 2021/2022

June 15, 2020


Admission Requirements

  1. Obtain minimum number of points required in the admission examination.

  2. Provide proof of completed secondary education (i.e. high school diploma).

Applicants with a disability, such as a specific learning difficulty, can request that the admission process be specially adapted to meet their needs. In this case, a medical report must be included in the application form.

* Entrance Exam

The entrance exam is a mandatory part of the admission process for the BA programme.

The exam consists of a short summary of an English academic text and follow-up questions based on the provided text and aims to test reading comprehension, proficiency in English, and the ability to articulate relevant points and ideas. Assessment is based primarily on factual accuracy of the summary and the depiction of the main thought line of the text. Questions are intended to ascertain whether or not the applicant fully grasped the contents of the text. For reference, see the Sample Admission Exam.

The exam lasts for 3 hours and you can obtain 18 points in total. The minimum number of points required is determined by the Dean of the Faculty.

Entrance Exam Date

Prior to the examination, applicants receive a letter announcing the date and time of the examination. No dictionaries, books, notes, mobile phones or other digital devices are allowed. Applicants are informed about the results no later than a week after the exam. Applicants are required to prove their identity with an ID/passport in order to take the exam.

Preparatory Course

Faculty of Humanities offers a preparatory course with the aim of improving your chances of succeeding in the admission exam. The course is designed to improve your academic reading and writing skills by allowing you to take a mock exam. The mock exam is assessed by our staff who give participants critique and general feedback on their performance which can be utilized in the entrance exam.

If you are interested in the course, check out our page Preparatory Course.

* Proof of Previous Study

As part of the admission process, you must submit a notarized copy of your high school (secondary school) diploma. If you graduated outside the Czech Republic, or you graduated from a foreign/international school, then your diploma must go through a process of recognition/nostrification.

Deadline for applicants to submit a copy of their secondary education diploma is September 30, 2020. Applicants who take their final high school exams in September, as well as those who won't get a recognition of their foreign diploma until the end of September, are allowed to submit a copy of a secondary education certificate along with a copy of recognition of foreign education no later than October 22, 2020.

Study Plan

The study plan for all future applicants (valid since September 2019) can be accessed via our Student Administration System or via this document. You can find the new study plan - as well as the older versions - on the Liberal Arts and Humanities programme website.

You can find courses that are currently offered and taught as part of the Liberal Arts and Humanities programme in our Student Inforamtion System. You can also find all of the Faculty courses (Bachelor's and Master's alike) that are taught in English via this link. Please, keep in mind that the offer of courses is subject to change based on teacher availability, student demand, and other factors.

Profile of a Graduate

The graduate of Liberal Arts and Humanities has a comprehensive understanding of the humanities and social sciences and understands the differences between various fields, discourses, and specifics of their methodology. Thanks to this, they are able to consider and compare different approaches and perspectives. In particular, they are able to interpret the results of socio-scientific research and assess its relevance, thematize and analyze various social phenomena in their contexts, and analyze the development of complex social and cultural phenomena from a long-term perspective. Thanks to the interactive way of teaching in seminar groups, the student has excellent communication skills in English and is able to cooperate in a multicultural international environment.

Thanks to the interdisciplinary focus of the study, the graduate has a selective knowledge of the main concepts, approaches and important primary texts of European philosophy. The graduate also has professional knowledge of European history, especially history of Central Europe. Furthermore, they have selective knowledge of theories and methods of social sciences, especially social and cultural anthropology; to a lesser extent sociology, psychology, and economics. The broad focus of studies and comprehensive final examinations round up the graduate's ability to critically reflect and take a stand on diverse social and cultural phenomena.

Liberal Arts and Humanities graduates can be employed in a wide range of areas of government, the non-profit and private sector in a variety of positions, such as copywriter, HR account manager, event manager, journalist, media analyst, nonprofit worker, expert consultant, public opinion analyst, etc. In the case of subsequent postgraduate studies, high-quality graduates can also grow their careers in academic and research spheres.

Further Information

For more detailed information please visit the official website of the programme, or do not hesitate to contact us:


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