The Faculty of Humanities offers an undergraduate (Bachelor's) study program Liberal Arts and Humanities (taught in English) and one undergraduate study program in Czech.

Application Form and Deadline

Application deadline is March 31, 2018.

Application form is available here.

Admission Exam Date

Exam date for the bachelor’s study program Liberal Arts and Humanities is May 28, 2018, 8:30am.

Exception: Any applicant who cannot take the admission exam at its scheduled time due to illness or another reasonable cause is allowed to take the exam at a later time. The applicant must formally request the extension through the Student Administration Office no later than June 2.

Admission Information

A letter announcing the exam’s date is sent to applicants in advance.

Deadline for applicants/admitted applicants to submit a copy of their high school (secondary school) diploma is September 30, 2018. Applicants who take their final high school exams in September, as well as those who won't get a recognition of their foreign diploma till the end of September, are allowed to submit a copy of a high school diploma along with a copy of a recognition of foreign education no later than October 21, 2018.

Applicants with a disability, such as a specific learning difficulty, can request that the admission process be specially adapted to meet their needs. In this case a medical report must be included in the application form.

Applicants are required to prove their identity with an ID/passport to take the exam.

The entrance exam description and admission requirements are stated in the respective program links above.

Recognition of Foreign Education

Enrolment requirements include submitting a copy of the applicant’s document of high school (secondary school) education. If you graduated outside the Czech Republic, please note that you are required to get recognition of your foreign degree diploma (“nostrification” or “nostrifikační doložka” in Czech). The nostrification process requires among others submission of the foreign diploma and an accompanying school transcript, both of which should be officially translated into the Czech language and notarized. Other documents may also be required. For more information about the whole process of recognition, please consult the authorities.

Further Information

Contact person: Maryia Yankouskaya


Phone: +420 251 080 211/363

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