The Faculty of Humanities offers four graduate (Master's) study programs in English or German:

  1. Deutsche und französische Philosophie

    (taught in German, final deadline July 31)

  2. Gender Studies

    (taught in English, final deadline April 30)

  3. Historical Sociology

    (taught in English, final deadline July 31)

  4. Oral History and Contemporary History

    (taught in English, final deadline July 31)

Application Form and Deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with a final deadline April 30 or July 31 depending on the study program. Application form is available here (programs taught in English) and here (program taught in German). (Applications are to be accepted since November 2019).

Please note: The nostrification process can take a long time (1-3 months) and its successful completion is a necessary component of the departmental admission into the program. You will obtain an official acceptance letter from the university only after your foreign degree diploma is nostrified in the Czech Republic. If you need to apply for a student visa in order to study in Prague, please make all effort to complete all required steps of the admission process on time (i.e. before September 2020 when the semester starts). 

Admission Information

Deadline for applicants to submit a notarized copy of their bachelor or master graduation certificate is September 30, 2020. Applicants who won't get a recognition of their foreign diploma till the end of September, are allowed to submit a copy of a high school diploma along with a copy of a recognition of foreign education no later than October 22, 2020.

Applicants with a disability, such as a specific learning difficulty, can request that the admission process be specially adapted to meet their needs. In this case a medical report must be included in the application form.

Applicants are required to prove their identity with an ID/passport to take the exam.

The admission requirements are stated in the respective program links above.

Recognition of Foreign Diplomas and Degrees

Following are information concerning the official recognition/nostrification process which is a mandatory part of the Faculty's admission process. Without finished nostrification/recognition process, you cannot be enrolled in the study. You can start with the process once you are sure you have been accepted to the program but take into consideration the aproximate length of each individual procedures.

For the process you will need your BA or Bachelor diploma and diploma transcript. You will not be using the original documents but verified copies of the original. Those copies should be certified either through an apostille (in case of states that signed the Apostille convention) or super-legalization. Also bear in mind that only copies in English or Czech language will be accepted for this process.


It is issued by one of the Universities of Czech Republic. It is the best option to choose a University (it does not have to be the one you applied for) that has the same or at least a similar BA program to that, you yourself studies during your Bachelor years.

Nostrification document has a life-long validity and as such it can be used for any admission processes provided it is an admission for graduate (Master) type of program.

Free of charge (a fee of CZK 3,000 is paid to the University of your choosing within the framework of the procedure on recognition of the equivalence or validity of a foreign secondary education)

The whole process should take 30+ days after you submit all documents to the University.

Applicants must submit mentioned certified copies of BA documents along with a filled-in form to the selected office. The form can be found on the web pages of each specific University. For those looking for this document from Charles University, you can find it here.

Recognition by the Faculty

This process is done by the Faculty of Humanities itself. This process is intended for a single use only which means that you can use it for only one admission process at a time.

The fee for this process is 690 CZK and it is paid to the Faculty (details of the payment will every applicant receive after informing the administration of his choice)

The process tends to be pretty quick so it will take up to 30 days per maximum.

Applicants must submit certified copies of BA documents along with filled-in form to the Faculty.

Automatic equivalency

If you are a holder of a foreign document concerning a foreign BA which is automatically equivalent in the Czech Republic in accordance with its international agreements without any further administration procedures – these include documents certifying completion of a programme of study in Slovakia (with the exception of diplomas issued by foreign branches of Slovak higher education institutions after 28 March 2015), in Poland, Hungary, or Slovenia.

If this is your case you have to submit only verified copies of your BA documents along with a filled-in form.

Further Information

Contact person: Maryia Yankouskaya


Phone: +420 251 080 211/363

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