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Lifelong learning courses play a crucial role in meeting the evolving educational needs of individuals throughout their lives. These courses are designed to provide continuous learning opportunities beyond traditional degree programs, allowing individuals to acquire new skills, update existing ones, and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Lifelong learning is an important part of educational activity of the Faculty of Humanities. FHS offers courses within the bounds of lifelong learning programmes, these are destined for various target groups: for applicants, graduates, seniors, and for students and others who are interested. Courses focus on either obtaining skills for a profession or for interested amateurs.

There are a broad range of lifelong learning courses including: entrance exam preparatory courses for Czech and foreign applicants, professional and hobby courses, including the courses.

Currently, we provide a selection of 9 courses taught in Czech and 3 courses offered in English.

Lifelong courses taught in Czech:

CŽV 4 – Posilování jazykových a odborných kompetencí (POJOK)

The program is primarily designed for international students aspiring to study academic programs in Czech at local universities under the conditions applicable to Czech students. The main focus of the curriculum includes intensive Czech language instruction and specialized preparation for academic studies. The program is also open to individuals interested in the Czech language who are not preparing for enrollment in a specific accredited academic field at a university and whose preparation takes place at a more general level.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV4

CŽV 6 – Přípravný kurz pro studium na FHS

The course serves as the Czech equivalent of a preparatory course for applicants interested in studying in an English-language bachelor's degree program (CŽV16 – Preparatory Course). If you wish to prepare for admission and entrance exams for the Czech taught bachelor's program Studium humanitní vzdělanosti, you can enroll in the preparatory course, giving you the opportunity to experience 'mock entrance exam' and adequately prepare you for your academic journey.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV6

CŽV 7 – Supervizor v pomáhajících profesích

This course aims to support mature professionals in the helping profession over a three-year period, fostering their professional development towards the role of a supervisor. After a brief theoretical preparation, the main learning source involves initiating a practical supervisory experience, guided by provided methodology and comprehensive learning support, contributing to the mastery of supervisory skills.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV7

CŽV 12 – Kurz pro neuspěšné studující SHV

The course serves as the Czech equivalent to CŽV15 - Course for students of the Liberal Arts and Humanities who failed to complete a school year.

Participants of the course have the option to register for up to 10 subjects of their choice through online registration, excluding mandatory courses. The selection is primarily from the bachelor's program Liberal Arts and Humanities (excluding UPCES courses with YBAU codes and CET courses with YBAC codes). Upon agreement, subjects from other departments may also be included. Participants have rights and responsibilities in accordance with the Rules of Study and Examination at Charles University and the Rules for the Organization of Studies. Participants enrolled in the course must not have any active or suspended enrollment in any study program at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. Additionally, they are not allowed to register for courses offered by other faculties. At the end of the course, participants can request a transcript of records.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV12

CŽV 21 – Letní škola v Litomyšli

This summer school program is designed for teachers of Czech language and literature, philosophy, humanities, social sciences, and history at grammar schools and high schools. Its aim is to provide educators from grammar schools and high schools with ideas and materials for teaching, fostering a space for mutual discussion on student preparation and readiness for humanities-focused higher education. The program revolves around annotated examples of seminar work with professional, literary, and classical texts, as well as the assigning, guiding, and writing of papers. In preparing the summer school, we incorporate feedback and suggestions from participants of past seminars.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV21

CŽV 31 – Otevřená studia

The Faculty of Humanities at Charles University is an open institution welcoming all those interested in studying humanities. The Open Studies course offers high school students and the general public the opportunity to attend selected elective courses from the Bachelor's program Liberal Arts and Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV31

U3V – Humanitní studia

The University of the Third Age (U3V) at the Faculty of Humanities offers selected courses in humanities and lectures in social sciences. Senior participants, the primary audience, have the opportunity to attend philosophy and history courses. Many appreciate access to the electronic library, offering a wide range of study materials, fostering internet skills. U3V goes beyond acquiring knowledge, emphasizing a social dimension. Some return to university after years, while others experience university life for the first time. Join us for an enriching and vibrant learning community.

Detailed information on the course is available here: U3V

CŽV – Koordinátor seniorských aktivit

Treat yourself to a transformative experience with our program—a comprehensive blend of theory and hands-on practice tailored to equip you with invaluable competencies in organizing and coordinating activities for seniors. Graduates of this course will acquire the skills needed to not only encourage meaningful engagement and participation among seniors on an individual level but also to expertly organize and coordinate social initiatives. These initiatives contribute to the enhanced integration of seniors into society, fostering socialization, participation, and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. This, in turn, can lead to improved health and greater self-sufficiency in later years. A particular emphasis will be placed on honing the ability to organize senior activities, especially those rooted in the outdoors.

Detailed information on the course is available here: KSA

CŽV – Kariérové poradenství

The course is tailored for professionals in education, psychology, social work, and related fields involved in or aspiring to engage in career counseling within schools or lifelong learning. Led by National Career Counseling Award recipients, the program focuses on applying pedagogical and psychological principles to career guidance and education. Aim of the course is to innovate these concepts in alignment with international trends and implement them effectively in the Czech context.

Detailed information on the course is available here: KP

Lifelong courses taught in English:

CŽV 15 – Life-long education for students of the Liberal Arts and Humanities who failed to complete a school year

A semester-long course is exclusively designed for students of the Liberal Arts and Humanities program who have faced challenges in their academic journey and did not succeed in their studies. Participants have the opportunity to complete any missing knowledge and pass required exams before reapplying for regular studies. They can register for courses provided by the Liberal Arts and Humanities study program, except for UPCES courses (listed under YBAU codes) and CET courses (listed under YBAC). Courses offered by other faculties at CU are not available to students in the Life-long Education Course. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive an official transcript of records.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV15

CŽV 16 – Preparatory Course for Applicants for Liberal Arts and Humanities

If the entrance exam for our Bachelor’s program in Liberal Arts and Humanities feels challenging, consider enrolling in our Preparatory Course. This course is designed to enhance your academic reading and writing skills. Participants receive a sample admission exam text, allowing them to practice writing summaries and answering questions. Subsequently, they receive professional feedback on their exam summaries. Additionally, participants have the opportunity for a personal discussion about their exam preparation with faculty teachers and lecturers through an online consultation using video conferencing tools like MS Teams.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV16

CŽV 41 – Ethnomusicology Summer School

Join our one-week course, hosted within the Khamoro Romani Festival framework (May to June, 2024 – TBA), at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. Designed for international university students, this in-person summer school offers morning lectures covering key areas where Roma have contributed to unique music styles, with a primary focus on Central European Romani music. Topics include the representation of Roma through music, Romani music and emotions, and its role in collective memory. Learn from local and international ethnomusicologists, festival organizers, and Romani musicians. Engage in workshops with Khamoro festival participants and enjoy evening concerts as part of the festival experience.

Detailed information on the course is available here: CŽV41


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