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Irena Holanová

Business trips

Faculty of Humanities

Pátkova 2137/5

Prague 8

182 00



Office hours are cancelled in July and August. Please arrange every appointment in advance (via email), thank you.

Office hours:

Mo: 9:00-11:00

We: 13:00-16:00

Tr: 9:00-11:00

Instructions For Delivering Documents

Anything related to business trips is to be delivered to Irena Holanová at the Faculty of Humanities building in Troja (Pátkova 2137/5). You can deliver any documents personally or per post.

Instructions For Employees Going On A Business Trip Abroad

Before your trip, you need to create an official request in the Sofa 602 online application. The login page for the Sofa 602 application is, the login e-mail is The password is cesta1. The request must be delivered on paper. Please do not forget to sign the request!

During your trip, please keep all tickets and receipts.

After you return, you need to create an official final report, again in the Sofa 602 online application, and deliver it to Irena Holanová in Troja together with your travel expense statement. For creating your travel expense statement, please use the following MS Excel sheet: Travel Expense Statement. Attach all tickets and receipts from your trip and do not forget to sign the final report and the travel expense statement form.

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