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Faculty of Humanities offers more than a dozen study programmes in English, German, or French:

Undergraduate (Bachelor's) study programmes:

  1. Liberal Arts and Humanities (taught in English)

  2. Studium humanitní vzdělanosti (taught in Czech)

Graduate (Master's) study programmes in English or German:

  1. Deutsche und französische Philosophie (taught in German)

  2. Gender Studies (taught in English)

  3. Historical Sociology (taught in English)

...and graduate (Master's) study programmes in Czech.

Postgraduate (Doctoral) study programmes in English, German, or French:

  1. Applied Ethics (taught in English)

  2. Deutsche und französische Philosophie (taught in German)

  3. Philosophie allemande et française (taught in French)

  4. Europäische Kulturzeitgeschichte (taught in German)

  5. General Anthropology (taught in English)

  6. Historical Sociology (taught in English)

  7. Longevity Studies (taught in English)

  8. Social Ecology (taught in English)

  9. Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication (taught in English)

  10. Contemporary European Cultural History (taught in English)

...and postgraduate (Doctoral) programmes in Czech.

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