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31 October 2018

PhD Students Received Roberta Kevelson Award

Mgr. Martin Macháček for the paper "The Peircean Interpretation of Probability in Quantum Mechanics" (2018), Mgr. Karolína Šedivcová for the paper "Aristotle’s Theory of Sign from the Perspective of De Anima" (2017) and Mgr. Michal Karľa for the paper "Peirce’s 1865 ‘Proofs’ of Symbolization" (2016).

The Kevelson Award honors the best student paper presented at the Semiotic Society of America (SSA) annual conference. The winners of the Kevelson Award will have their paper published in the SSA Yearbook.

Úspěchy studentů sémiotiky z FHS UK pokračují

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