Mgr. Dana Moree, Dr.

Dana MOREE, assistant professor

Research Areas

  • Social Pedagogy

  • Anthropology

  • Theatre of the Oppressed

  • Her expertise are topics like identity, culture, processes of expulsion, inclusion, cultural misunderstanding and conflicts.

  • She is interested in research which aim was to analyze influence of social and political changes on education system and engagement of individuals and groups.

  • She is also involved in theatre of the oppressed projects.


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Contact Information and Office Hours

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Work Experience

  • Since 2004 she has worked as an assistant lecturer specializing in intercultural education at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, Department of Civil Sector Studies.

  • She is editor of webpages for multicultural education, published several books (e.g. How Teachers Cope with Social and Educational Transformation; Teachers on the waves of transformation, Abenteuer Kultur together with Karl-Heinz Bittl etc.).

  • She is also active in the field of the theatre of the oppressed.


  • Dana Moree graduated in Pastoral and Social Work from the Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague, and in General Anthropology from the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague.

  • She finished her doctoral degree in this field at Universiteit voor humanistic, Utrecht in 2008.

Publications (Eng)

  • MOREE, Dana. Teachers and School Culture in the Czech Republic before and after 1989. The Curriculum Journal, 24, 4, 586 – 608, 2013. ISSN 0958-5176. (Online 1469-3704).

  • MOREE, D. Travelling Educational Change and Cultural Diversity in the Czech Republic. Lifelong Learning. 2013, vol. 3, no. 1, s. 51 – 72. ISSN 1804-526X (Print); 1805-8868 (Online).

  • MOREE, D. Teacher Perspective on Cultural Diversity and Citizenship Education. In Klaasen, Cees. & Maslovaty Nava. (eds.). Moral Courage and the Normative Professionalism of Teachers. 1. vyd. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2010. s. 51 – 71. ISBN 978-94-609-232-0.

  • MOREE, D. How Teachers Cope with Social and Educational Transformation: Struggling with Multicultural Education in the Czech Classroom. Benešov: Eman, 2008. 250 s. ISBN 978-80-86211-62-6.

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