Dean's Directive No. 15/2017


Rules Governing the Recognition of Study Obligations Fulfilled during Study Stays Abroad

To implement:

Art. 3 Par. 5 of the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University and the Rules for the Organization of Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University.

Date of effect:

21 December 2017

[amended by Dean´s Measure No.13/2018 effective as of 1 August 2018]

Rules Governing the Recognition of Study Obligations Fulfilled during Study Stays Abroad

Article 1: Introductory Provisions

  1. In accordance with Art. 3 Par. 5 of the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University and the Rules for the Organization of Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, I hereby issue this Measure that governs the rules for the recognition of study obligations fulfilled during study stays abroad.

  2. A study stay abroad (hereinafter "Stay") shall be understood to mean a stay at an institution abroad (hereinafter "Foreign Institution") undertaken as part of students' study at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University (hereinafter "Faculty") mediated by the Faculty's International Office (i.e., particularly stays undertaken under the Erasmus+ programme, interuniversity agreements, and stays subsidised by the Faculty or Charles University).

  3. Students remain enrolled at the Faculty throughout the Stay and are obligated to respect any binding study regulations dictated by the Faculty and Charles University (hereinafter "University"), in particular the regulations dictated by the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University and the Rules for the Organization of Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University.

  4. Students must also abide by the rules of the programme under which their Stay takes place. Students must acquaint themselves with these rules.

  5. Students must ensure that before they leave for abroad they will have fulfilled any mandatory study-related obligation that might otherwise lead to a decision to terminate their study at the Faculty. The Faculty reserves the right to grant scholarship to students under the condition they fulfil any study-related obligations in line with the recommended study plan.

Article 2: Study Plan

  1. Before their Stay begins, students must prepare their preliminary study plan at the foreign institution (hereinafter "Study Plan"). The Study Plan must correspond to the degree programme the students are enrolled in and meet the minimum requirements indicated in Art. 3.

  2. For Erasmus+, the Study Plan is to be filled out in the corresponding University website application. For any other type of stay, the Study Plan is to be filled in using the form provided by the Faculty's International Office.

  3. On the basis of a remit issued by the Faculty's Dean, the Study Plans are approved by:


    Vice Dean: for undergraduate degree programmes for bachelor's degree students,


    head of the corresponding department / research and teaching unit: for master's degree students,


    guarantor of the corresponding degree programme: for doctoral students.

  4. For Erasmus+, the Faculty Erasmus+ coordinator is tasked with signature of Learning Agreements that include the corresponding Study Plan.

  5. Upon request, students must provide course syllabuses and other materials including necessary information on the instruction at the foreign institution to responsible persons indicated in Art. 2 Par. 3.

  6. Courses that are materially incompatible with students' degree programmes and courses deficient in quality will not be approved.

  7. Implementation of the approved Study Plan is binding.

Article 3: Study Plan: Minimum Requests

  1. The minimum requirements for the number of credits acquired during students’ Stay are as follows:


    Students must prepare their Study Plan so that the courses included in it make up for at least 30 ECTS credits per semester.


    If students have obtained a sufficient number of credits during their study at the Faculty, or if they plan to continue to fulfil their study obligations at the Faculty during their Stay abroad, the minimum number of credits to be obtained shall be reduced to 20.


    If students plan to work on their bachelor's or master's theses during their Stay and their supervisors confirm this fact to the Faculty’s International by the time changes are made to the Study Plan as defined in Art. 5 Par.1 at the latest, the minimum number of credits may be reduced to 15.


    If the Stay spans over a period of one year, the minimum number of credits shall be added up for both semesters.


    Doctoral student Stays are governed by requirements designated by the Doctoral Board of the corresponding degree programme. No minimum number of credits is designated.

Article 4: Equivalents

  1. An equivalent shall be understood to mean an elective course—exceptionally also a mandatory course—that is included in the Study Plan of the degree programme a particular student is enrolled in at the Faculty, whose content and scope are comparable to a course the student plans to take at a foreign institution (hereinafter "Foreign Institution Course"). If students complete such a Foreign Institution Course, the Faculty shall recognize it as an equivalent.

  2. Students may select equivalents as follows:


    bachelor's degree students can select Equivalents only from among the list of elective courses;


    master's degree students must select equivalents based on requirements designated by the corresponding department / research and teaching unit.


    Doctoral degree students do not select equivalents. Study-related obligations designated in their individual Study Plan at the Faculty may usually not be recognized as equivalent to Foreign Institution Courses.

  3. A study-related obligation that has already been fulfilled may not be recognized as an equivalent unless repeated completion of the course is permitted.

  4. From the available list of Foreign Institution Courses, students shall preferably select courses that have recognizable equivalents at the Faculty. To a single Foreign Institution Course, one or even several equivalents may be selected as long as the sum of credits awarded for such equivalents does not exceed the number of credits awarded for the Foreign Institution Course in question.

  5. If the content and the scope of a Foreign Institution Course do not fully correspond to the equivalent selected, recognition of such an equivalent may be conditioned on students' partially completing the equivalent at the Faculty. Specific conditions are designated by the responsible person indicated in Art. 2 Par. 3.

  6. For Erasmus+, equivalents are not matched with individual Foreign Institution Courses in the Study Plan but rather with a group of Foreign Institution Courses whose content is similar.

  7. The sum of credits for all equivalents may not exceed the total number of credits for Foreign Institution Courses.

Article 5: Changes in the Study Plan during the Stay

  1. Students may change their original Study Plan within 30 days from the day on which they enrol to study at a foreign institution. This means, they may remove courses they do not intent to complete from and add other courses to the Study Plan. Similarly, they may remove and add equivalents.

  2. Having made changes, students shall send the corresponding form as indicated in Art. 2 Par. 2, to the Faculty's International Office that will ensure signature by a responsible person as indicated in Art. 3 Par. 3.

  3. Only changes that have been reported in time, in an appropriate manner, and those that have been approved in line with Art. 5 Par. 1 and 2 shall be considered valid. Other changes shall be deemed invalid.

Article 6: Recognition of Study Results

  1. After their Stay, students must submit a Transcript of Records to the Faculty's International Office. They must do so within 10 days from the day the Foreign Institution issued such a document or by the end of the academic year in which the Stay took place, at the latest.

  2. In accordance with Art. 8 Par. 16 of the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University, the Faculty's International Office records the recognized study obligations using the Student programme as follows:


    Foreign Institution Course shall be recorded along with the 'KZ' or 'Z' examination type code and the study result without credits. (The International Office converts study results to the University classification scale.) Credits for Foreign Institution Courses shall be indicated only if no equivalents are recorded for the student in question.


    Equivalents shall be recorded with the corresponding number of credits and the 'U' code (meaning 'recognized') in place of study results.


    Should students obtain more credits than the number of credits recognizable for equivalents during their Stay, the remaining credits shall be recorded as a sum of optional course credits (YAK47M401: ECTS credits obtained for optional courses at educational institutions abroad).


    For doctoral degree students, foreign Institution Courses shall be recorded with no credits but the 'P' certification.

  3. Only courses that have been duly approved in students' Study Plan, or on the study plan modification form whose completion may be supported by students' Transcript of Records from Foreign Institution may be recorded.

Article 7: Failure to Fulfil the Study Plan

  1. If students do not submit the documents indicated in Art. 6 Par. 1 1 within the deadline or do not fulfil the minimum requirements in line with Art. 3, the Vice Dean for International Relations shall assess the overall benefits of the Stay and may recommend that the Faculty Dean impose a sanction. Whether the sanction will be imposed depends on the decision of the Faculty Dean.

  2. If the fact indicated in Art. 7 Par. 1 occurred due to Force Major, i.e., due to an unexpected extraordinary situation or an event that students had no control of which occurred due to no fault or neglect on their part, students shall submit a written explanation to the Faculty's International Office based upon which the Vice Dean for International Relations may reconsider the recommendation that a sanction be imposed.

  3. A sanction in accordance with Art. 7 Par. 1 shall be understood to mean a request to immediately pay back the entire amount of scholarship, or a portion thereof, that had been allocated for the Stay.

Article 8: Final Provisions

  1. This Measure enters into force on the day of its signature.

  2. This Measure takes effect on 1 January 2018.

  3. As of the day of on which this Measure takes effect, Dean's Measure No. 6/2015 shall be cancelled.

In Prague, 21 December 2017

Ing. arch. Mgr. Marie Pětová, Ph.D.


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