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Update 14. 10. 2020

Charles University is closely monitoring developments regarding the potential spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, following the latest reports and providing updates.

In reaction to the latest Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic of October 12th, 2020 (in particular resolutions no. 1022, 1023, 1027), following crisis measures apply.


Teaching and exams

How to log in to online instruction applications (MS Teams and Office 365)

Students of foreign-language programmes

Academic ceremonies – graduation and matriculation

Dormitories and canteens

UK Point, Centrum Carolina advisory centres, Hostivař Sports Centre

FHS Library

Reporting quarantine or a positive COVID-19 test result



If you have questions about the coronavirus epidemic, write to or call to +420 224 491 850 (Monday – Friday 8.00 – 16.00).

If you have been ordered to stay in quarantine, your COVID-19 test came back positive or you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via .

Teaching and exams

Personal presence of students at classes during teaching at universities is prohibited. Simultaneously, personal presence of participants in lifelong learning course at universities is also prohibited. From October 14th, 2020, this prohibition does not apply to the personal presence of students at exams which take place in a group of max. 10 people.

Individual consultations can only be organized remotely.

The faculty building remains open to students while these measures are in effect.

Please be aware that from 10 September 2020 the wearing of face masks is mandatory.

How to log in to online instruction applications (MS Teams and Office 365)

  • On logging in MS Teams and any other Office 365 application, please follow the guidelines on Charles University website here, use the British flag tab to switch into English. When logging in for the first time, please follow the guidelines of How to sign in the University Office 365 environment here.

    This is because MS Teams is an integral part of Office 365 and it does not use the email address you have listed in the Student Information System (SIS). MS Teams uses login that appears as You can find your Personal Number in Personal Data on them main SIS website. Please note that only this method of logging in and no other will grant you access to all instruction materials in MS Teams and will secure smooth operation of online instruction.

  • Setting the forwarding function in your e-mail account: All messages from your Teams pertaining to you respective courses, alerts on new conversations, assignments etc. are not sent to your email address listed in the SIS. Instead, they are sent to your email address that comes into existence automatically upon the configuration of your logging in to Office 365 applications (including MS Teams) and it appears as follows: Therefore it is vital that you set the forwarding function in this account correctly so that all messages generated within MS Teams are sent to the email address you use on regular basis, i.e. the email address you have listed for the SIS.

    In order to set the forwarding function:

    i) open your email in the Office 365 Outlook application by logging in Office 365 environment as mentioned above in point 1 or through The Outlook application is to be found on the left-hand side of your screen.

    ii) In your Outlook email account go to Settings and then to View All Outlook Settings. In Mail, select Forwarding and enter your email address listed in the SIS. For details, see the manual here.

    Only if you follow these guidelines you will receive all notifications about your respective Teams to your email account.

This manual was made by Mgr. et Mgr. Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová, Ph.D., Mgr. Lubica Kobová, Ph.D., doc. Věra Sokolová, Ph.D. Thank you very much.

Students of foreign-language programmes

In order to allow all students to start their studies, we have facilitated remote registration through the Study Information System for applicants who have been accepted for study and cannot, for demonstrable, objective reasons, be physically present for registration. Applicants will be informed of this procedure by their faculties.

Academic ceremonies – graduation and matriculation

All academic ceremonies (graduations, matriculations) are cancelled until November 15th, 2020.

Dormitories and canteens

University Canteens

Canteens Albertov and Kajetánka remain open. Canteens Sport, Arnošta z Pardubic, Právnická, Budeč, HTF and Hvězda will be closed. Cafe U Rotlevů will remain open only for lunch distribution.

Cafeteria Trója and cafeteria at the CU Rectorate remain open.


Please note that these government restrictions apply only to students with permanent residence in the Czech Republic. These restrictions do not apply to international students living in Charles Universtity dormitories with no other abode in the Czech Republic.

Following the adoption of Czech Government Resolution no. 1022, we request that students accommodated at CU dormitories give responsible consideration to their continued stay at their dormitory. However, any students who are unable to leave their dormitory for good reason (risk of the spread of infection amongst high-risk groups on return to one’s place of abode) shall be allowed to remain at their dormitory in accordance with the declaration of the Czech Ministry of Education.

All students can decide whether or not they wish to leave their accommodation at CU dormitories. Any students who decide to remain at their dormitory due to prevention of the risk of spreading infection must deliver (by e-mail to ) a statutory declaration, listing the reasons for which the student believes return to their place of abode to be high-risk, to CU Dormitories and Canteens no later than at 18.00 (6 p.m.) on October 14th, 2020.

The accommodation contracts of any students who decide to terminate their accommodation, and notify CU Dormitories and Canteens of this no later than at 18.00 (6 p.m.) on October 14th, 2020, (by e-mail to ), shall be cancelled as of October 15th, 2020, without any sanction whatsoever. Departure (moving out) from dormitories shall be possible until October 16th, 2020, inclusive.

The University is offering students who are able to move back to their place of abode, but wish to stay in Prague for reasons other than the risk of spreading infection (work etc.) the option of accommodation in the Krystal hotel facility, where en-hanced hygienic and epidemiological measures are in place, for a reduced price of 5,000.- CZK per bed per month. Accommodation is possible from October 15th, 2020. Please send any applications for this accommodation to . At the same time, Charles University is seeking possibilities for further increase of hotel-type accommodation capacity in cooperation with the City of Prague.

The above rules do not apply to students who, under Government Resolution no. 1022 of 12 October 2020, have been granted an exemption from the prohibition on accommodation at dormitories, i.e. students who have no other place of abode in the Czech Republic, students who are under an obligation to work under Act no. 240/2000 Coll., on crisis measures, and students in degree programmes in general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other degree programmes related to healthcare, as well as students who are performing practical traineeships at nursery, primary and secondary schools.

UK Point, Centrum Carolina advisory centres, Hostivař Sports Centre

CU Card Service Centres

CU card issue centre at the Faculty of Law is closed. Other CU card issue centres continue to operate during limited opening hours – please, follow relevant websites to check the opening hours.

The main issuing centre at Celetná 13 has the option of a queuing ticket. The progress of the queue can then be followed online and outside the building premises at

Centrum Carolina advisory centres

The psychological, social, legal and career advisory centres at the Carolina Centre continue to operate without restriction.

Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the University at .

The Hostivař Sports

The Hostivař Sports Centre and CU training centres are closed.

FHS Library

FHS library remains open during opening hours:

Monday - Friday

9.00 a.m. - 16.30 p.m.

Contact: .

Reporting quarantine or a positive COVID-19 test result

We ask all faculty students and employee, if your COVID-19 test came back positive or you have been ordered to stay in quarantine, please, contact us via e-mail .

Reporting of this information is completely voluntary in the case of students.

The output information is anonymised and gathered for the purposes of coordination of Charles University’s strategic steps in regards to the new measures and forms of teaching.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a speedy recovery and quick end of the quarantine.

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