Directive of the Faculty Secretary No. 2/2021


Operating regulations of the building of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University

To implement:


Date of effect:

1 October 2021

Operating regulations of the building of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University

Article 1: Introductory provisions

  1. The building of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University (hereinafter referred to as "the Faculty") serves to provide teaching and scientific, research and creative activities. Part of the building on the 1st floor (cafeteria) is intended for catering.

  2. This measure regulates the operation of the faculty, i.e.:


    building operating hours;


    the organisation of access to the building for staff, students, visitors and other persons attending events held therein, tenants and service providers and contractors;


    key arrangements;


    the operation of premises security technology;


    the operation and parking of vehicles in the underground garage and outside areas;


    operation of seminar and lecture rooms;


    waste sorting and storage;


    the duties of the employees and users of the building in protecting the property located in the building and in ensuring occupational health and safety on the premises;


    occupational health and safety.

  3. The users of the building are the following units of Charles University:


    Faculty of Humanities,


    Dormitories and Refectories (hereinafter referred to as "DR").

  4. The administration and operation of the faculty building is provided by the technical and operational department of the faculty through the faculty building manager.

  5. The operation of the catering part of the building (cafeteria) is provided by the DR staff independently, with the proviso that any interventions in the existing equipment, repairs, or modifications to the said premises must be discussed and agreed upon in advance with an authorized representative of the faculty.

Article 2: Operating hours of the building

  1. Opening hours of offices, lecture halls and study rooms:

    Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

  2. Library opening hours:

    Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

  3. Opening hours of the mailroom:

    Monday - Thursday 11:00 - 14:00

    Friday 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  4. Opening hours of the cafeteria:

    Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

  5. Employees of Charles University and service companies are allowed to enter the building outside the operating hours by the building security according to the conditions specified in Article 3.

Article 3: Entrance to the building

  1. The main entrance to the building with reception is located on the 1st floor.

  2. On the west side of the building there are two secondary entrances on the 0th floor in the area between the library and the dean's office.

  3. On the south and north side of the building, there are two entrances to the building in the form of a fire staircase and an elevator in the underground garage.

  4. Wheelchair access to the building is available:


    access from ul. Povltavská Street, between the faculty and KaM buildings,


    the main entrance on the 1st floor,


    from Pátkova Street, entrance on the 0th floor.

    In case of the need for assistance, the building security is available at tel. no.: 224 271 411.

  5. Outside of office hours, access to the faculty building is possible only through the main entrance on the 1st floor or through the garage. It is always necessary to report the entrance to the building security.

  6. Entry into other people's premises rented by the subject is only allowed in the presence of a responsible person of the tenant. This does not apply in case of fire, danger to life or natural disaster.

  7. External contractors are only allowed to enter the building through the main entrance on the 1st floor. Other entrances only with the assistance and supervision of a security guard.

  8. Official visits are required to be reported to the appropriate department at the reception desk.

  9. When service and other work is performed in the faculty building by outside contractors, the building administrator will give the security guard a completed work permit form with the name of the responsible person of the contractor, a list of names of the workers, the type, scope and time schedule of the work.

  10. In exceptional cases (suspected removal of faculty property, etc.), the security guard is entitled to request that the luggage be presented for inspection. In case of refusal, the security guard may detain the person and call the Police of the Czech Republic.

Article 4: Key mode

  1. The individual rooms in the building are operated under a master key system and are divided into the following separate sections in terms of locking:


    the external entrances to the building,


    seminar and lecture rooms,


    Dean's office and study rooms,




    a filing room,


    mechanical rooms and service rooms,


    underground garage,


    kitchen, toilet and cleaning rooms,


    a cafeteria and facilities.

  2. Access to all rooms of the building, with the exception of mechanical rooms, toilets and cleaning rooms, is provided by means of a smart card with a recorded authorization within the scope of the work assignment. Access to other areas of the building is by physical key.

  3. A complete set of keys is placed in a locked box in the building manager's office and their issue is recorded in the key handover report. They are only issued if it is not possible to open the door with a smart card. The return of the keys is then recorded again in the key handover protocol.

  4. The following keys are located in a locked box in the reception area of the building:


    G1 - building cladding (control of external entrances);


    G5 - mechanical and service rooms;


    G6 - kitchens, toilets and cleaning rooms;


    G8 - toilet dean's office;


    2 bundles of keys for cleaning - each bundle contains a G8 key, a G6 key, keys to the hygiene supply bins and a chip to enter the rooms where cleaning is carried out;


    3x access cards for service companies with limited access rights - these cards are issued upon verification of authorization by security staff against signature in the Key Issue Book;


    1x sealed envelope with master key and master access card - this envelope can only be opened and used in the event of fire, threat to life or property, and major disaster;


    1x sealed envelope of the cafeteria tenant, with the key to the glass entrance door of the cafeteria on the 1st floor - this envelope may only be opened with the proven consent of the tenant or for the reasons specified in Article 3(6).

    Any issue of these keys and access cards, as well as their return, shall be recorded in the Key Issue Book.

  5. The holder shall immediately report the loss of a key or smart card to the security staff, who shall notify the responsible faculty staff of the loss and they shall take steps to prevent the misuse of the key or smart card.

  6. The master key is issued only to the responsible persons of the faculty and to persons whose nature of the job requires it.

  7. Users and tenants of rooms and premises of the faculty building are responsible for their security and locking when leaving the building.

Article 5: Operation of room security technology in selected parts of the building

  1. The security system consists of a combination of motion sensors and glass break detectors. The activated system signals the movement of unauthorized persons in the disturbed areas by displaying on the EFAS (electronic fire alarm system) and ESAS (electronic security alarm system) visualization. The intrusion can also be monitored from the security workstation of the DR "B" building.

  2. The system is activated automatically when the area is locked. If necessary, individual rooms can be deactivated.

  3. If all persons, including security guards, leave the building, they check that no one else is in the building before leaving, activate the security system in the entire building and leave the building. The alarm system is activated by means of control panels located at the entrances to the building on the 0th sub-floor, at the passage to building "A", at the escape exit in the library and at the main entrance, in the area of the security guard's workplace, on the 1st floor.

Article 6: Operation and parking of vehicles

  1. The outdoor parking spaces are freely accessible to all employees and visitors of the Faculty and DR and are located on the west side of the building and in the passage between Pátkova and Povltavská streets.

  2. The underground garage parking spaces are accessible only to faculty employees with valid registration of the vehicle registration plate at the Faculty's Technical and Operations Department.

  3. Entrance to the underground garage is also possible via a smart card.

  4. Vehicles powered by LPG and CNG are not allowed to enter the underground garage.

  5. The maximum vehicle height for entering the underground garage is 2 m.

  6. The delivery of materials by external suppliers is mainly provided by the entrances on the 0th floor, the main entrance on the 1st floor or from the underground garage area.

  7. The entrance from the passage between Pátkova and Povltavská Streets is used for supplying the cafeteria.

  8. Parking of vehicles in the area between the buildings of the faculty and DR is not allowed. The space must be kept clear for the possible passage of vehicles of the Fire and Rescue Service or vehicles of persons who need wheelchair access to the building. Vehicles may only be parked around the side of the "A" building of the DR.

Article 7: Operation of lecture and seminar rooms

  1. The use of lecture and seminar rooms is processed by the authorised employee of the Faculty's study department on the basis of timetables.

  2. Employees and external collaborators using seminar and lecture rooms are responsible for putting the room in its original state, switching off all audio and video equipment, PCs, lights, closing ventilation grilles and locking the room when leaving the room.

Article 8: Protection of property in the building

  1. Users and guests of the building are obliged to behave in such a way as to prevent damage to property and entertainment.

  2. The security of the building is dealt with in accordance with Articles 3 - 6 of these Operating Regulations.

  3. Employees and external collaborators are obliged to check the closing of ventilation grilles, switching off lights and switching off electrical equipment and appliances at their workplace before leaving the building.

  4. Whenever leaving a room where no one is present, the room must be locked.

Article 9: Sorting and storage of waste

  1. There are containers for sorted waste in the internal premises of the faculty. The bins are located on individual floors of the building and are labelled with a description and illustration of the type of waste.

  2. For larger volumes of waste there are bins for sorted and mixed waste located in the passage between Pátkova and Povltavská streets, to the right of the entrance to the underground garage.

Article 10: Health and safety at work

  1. Persons in the building are obliged to comply with the regulations on occupational safety and health (OSH), fire protection (FP) and to behave in such a way that fire, injury or damage to property and equipment cannot occur.

  2. Evacuation plans are posted on each floor of the building and all persons are required to read and follow them in the event of a fire or other emergency.

  3. Corridors, stairways, exits and other areas used as means of escape shall remain clear at all times. It is not permitted to store or put anything away.

  4. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, and the handling of open flames are prohibited in the college building.

  5. The use of private electrical appliances is not allowed, except for private electronics (e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile phone, reader...), which the user will take away after working hours.

  6. It is forbidden to bring in weapons, flammable and dangerous chemical substances and preparations, narcotic, psychotropic and other substances affecting the human psyche, behaviour and cognitive abilities.

Article 11: Final provisions

  1. This directive shall enter into force on the date of signature.

  2. This measure shall enter into force on 1 October 2021.

Prague, 27 September 2021

Mgr. Karel Strnad

Faculty Secretary

Last change: October 12, 2021 13:12 
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