Dean's Directive No. 13/2022


Principles for the Provision of Financial Support to Students of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University

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Date of effect:

12 October 2022


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Principles for the Provision of Financial Support to Students of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University

Article 1: Introductory provisions

This directive establishes the principles for providing financial support for the extracurricular activities of students of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University (hereinafter referred to as "the Faculty") and details on the granting of such support.

Article 2: Basic provisions

  1. For the purposes of these regulations, an interest activity means any activity aimed at fulfilling the sporting, cultural, social and other needs of students in the use of their free time, at organising discussions, talks and other meetings, at providing information services, organising exhibitions, etc., in accordance with Article 5 of the Statutes of Charles University, unless otherwise specified.

  2. An activity of interest for the purposes of this Regulation is not


    activities in any way aimed at supporting political parties or movements, trade unions or employers' organisations or trade union organisations, churches or religious societies;


    a profit-making activity, unless it is stipulated that the entire profit will be used for the benefit of the performance or promotion of the activity of interest;


    activities carried out directly by the faculty;


    activities directly leading to the performance of study obligations or obligations arising from an employment or contractual relationship, unless the relationship is with the faculty entered into in connection with these regulations, or other obligations; or


    activities directly related or related to the activities of the academic bodies of the Faculty.

  3. Financial support for the extracurricular activities of students of the faculty may be provided by the faculty only to a student of the faculty or a group of students of the faculty in accordance with the legal regulations and this directive.

Article 3: Application requirements and deadlines

  1. Applications for financial support for students' extracurricular activities can be submitted continuously throughout the academic year. The Dean's College will take a position on the submitted applications no later than the end of the month following the month in which the applications were submitted. Applications submitted during June and July will be considered by the Dean's College in September.

  2. The application for support is submitted via a web form (see Annex 1 of the directive), which is available in the public section of the Faculty's website. Completion of the online form is possible only after logging in via the Central Authentication Service of Charles University. The online form is administered by a faculty staff member designated by the Dean.

  3. The application for financial support for students' extracurricular activities must include


    applicant details (name and surname of the applicant(s), applicant(s)' CU registration number, applicant(s)' contact e-mail, main applicant's contact telephone number);


    a description of the event or project (name of the event/project, date and place of the event/project, content of the event/project, objective and benefits of the event/project, method of publicity and promotion of the event/project, target group, expected number of participants, specification of the organisation and staffing of the event/project);


    information on securing relevant permits or decisions, if required by applicable law or internal regulations of the university or faculty;


    the itemised budget for the action or project.

  4. The Dean's College may request additional data in justified cases, unless otherwise provided by law.

Article 4: Granting of aid

  1. The Dean's College expresses its opinion on requests for support for students' extracurricular activities at its regular meetings.

  2. The opinions of the College of the Dean on individual applications, as well as proposals for the amount of financial support for these applications, are included in the minutes of the regular meetings of the College of the Dean.

  3. The dean will decide on the award of support based on the opinion of the College.

  4. The Dean may decide to award the full amount requested, award a portion of the amount requested, or award no funds.

  5. The Dean's decision is final. There is no legal entitlement to financial support. Applicants have no right of appeal.

Article 5: Drawing on aid

  1. For the use of the financial support granted for students' extracurricular activities, the allocated funds may be used only


    in the form of reimbursement of accounting documents, which must meet all the requirements of Section 11 of the Accounting Act, as amended, and must correspond to the approved itemized budget of the action or project,


    or through a contract concluded between the applicant and the faculty, with all the conditions for the use of the financial support awarded forming part of the contract.

  2. Accounting documents which do not comply with Article 5(1)(a) cannot be reimbursed.

  3. If the action or project is not implemented by the implementation date specified in the application, or is not implemented in accordance with the approved plan, in accordance with the contract concluded, if any, or in accordance with applicable accounting or legal provisions, the entitlement to the financial amount awarded will lapse.

  4. In the event that any essential parameter of an action or project for which financial support has been granted changes, the applicant is obliged to inform the Faculty of this fact immediately by e-mail at The Dean's College will consider the implications of the notified change and may cancel the entitlement to financial support for the event or project if appropriate.

Article 6: Common, transitional and final provisions

  1. Coordination of activities related to the agenda of support for students' extracurricular activities of the faculty is provided by a faculty employee designated by the Dean.

  2. Support granted by a decision of the Dean before the entry into force of this directive is subject to the rules set out in Dean's Measure No. 2/2021.

  3. This directive shall enter into force on the date of signature.

  4. This directive shall enter into force on 12 October 2022.

  5. This directive repeals the directive of the Dean of the Faculty No. 2/2021 on the date of its entry into force.

Prague, 12 October 2022

Ing. arch. Mgr. Marie Pětová, Ph.D.


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