Gender Studies

Gender Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University offers an opportunity for a systematic and interdisciplinary academic study of theoretical and methodological tools for researching and exploring gender issues in historical perspective, with a consideration of cultural and ethnic aspects of any given topic. Gender studies applies intersectional and interdisciplinary perspectives to gender as one of the basic principles organizing human society and culture.

Gender studies focus on analysis of historical, as well as contemporary manifestations, of gender order; influence of feminist and queer theories and methods in scientific research; they also probe the relationship between gender and other categories of social differentiation and stratification such as race, ethnicity, social status, age, sexuality, disability, and others.

One of the specific strengths and an internationally recognized expertize of the Gender Studies program is the emphasis put on analysis and reflection of post-socialist experiences, gender structuring of the late-socialist Czechoslovak society, and “East European” societies in general.

The English Master's program in Gender Studies is open to university students from all over the world. The admission procedure is not restricted to students from the EU but is open to students from other countries and continents as well. At the Faculty of Humanities, we pride ourselves on being a non-discriminatory and fair institution and applicants of all nationalities, ethnicities, cultural, and social backgrounds, ages, and genders are welcome.

Application Deadline

February 29, 2024

Tuition Fee:

3000€ / year

Lenght of Study

2 years (max. 5)

Form of Study


Application Form

Available Here

Admission Application

Applications are accepted from November 1, 2024, until the final deadline of February 29, 2024. The online application form is available on our Admissions portal.

The deadline for submission of required documents is March 10, 2024. Please, bear in mind that your online application must be submitted by February 29!

Admission Requirements

  1. By March 10, 2024, submit a motivation letter (500 - 700 words), structured CV (curriculum vitae), proof of English competency at B2 level or higher, and an academic paper in English before the submission deadline.

    • Academic Paper: The paper should be no less than 15 pages in length and prove your knowledge, skills, and talent for study in the program for which you are applying. The paper can be your defended bachelor’s thesis or its summary, an article published in an academic journal, or any new essay that you choose to represent you and your academic knowledge.

      The application materials will be evaluated and scored by an interdisciplinary selection committee.

      Please note that all the required documents must be attached as files in your online application (My applications → Attachments/Progress → Upload an attachment to my application – Attachment type → Upload file).

    • Proof of English Competency: Applicants are required to submit proof of English competency at min. B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The applicant's level of English should be substantiated by an international certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, Oxford Test of English, etc.) or a similar national certificate. Applicants can also use their diploma as proof of English competency in case it specifies English as the language of instruction.

  2. Submit proof of your previous education (i.e. BA diploma). If you graduated outside the Czech Republic, you must submit an officially recognized/nostrified document validating your foreign education. More information on the process of recognition and nostrification can be found here.

An admission exam is not required.

Please note: The recognition/nostrification process can take a long time (1-3 months) and its successful completion is a necessary component of formal admission into the program. You will receive an official acceptance letter from the university only after your foreign degree diploma has been recognized/nostrified in the Czech Republic. When planning your enrolment and studies, keep in mind that you should submit all the relevant documents sufficiently in advance.

Deadline for applicants to submit their previous education certificate is September 30, 2024. Applicants who are unable to get their foreign diploma recognized/nostrified until the end of September are allowed to submit a copy of their BA diploma no later than October 22, 2024. This is the extended and final deadline for enrolment in the 2024/2025 academic year. Please, keep in mind that the academic year already starts on October 1.

If you need to apply for student visas in order to study in Prague, please, make effort to complete all of the required steps of the admission process on time.

Profile of a Graduate

The Master's program in Gender Studies is specifically conceptualized in a way so that its students obtain relevant knowledge and skills while deepening their understanding of gender constructions and the main principles functioning in society. Students should be able to critically and complexly evaluate the roles and meanings of these constructions in the overall organization of society. Likewise, they should be able to assess and analyze consequences of gender roles, constructions, stereotypes of both contemporary and historical position of women and men in society.

The goal of the program is to familiarize its students with gender analysis in diverse areas of social life in order to get them ready for careers in a wide range of professional fields, including state administration, social policy, social and medical care, social and legal work, education and academic work.

Graduates of the Master's program in Gender Studies will find their careers in governmental and non-governmental organizations, especially in national and international institutions, organizations concerned with social questions, family matters, domestic and public violence, human rights and equal opportunities, development of civil society, sustainable development, labour law, and others. The graduates can use their skills as mediators in conflict resolution; they can also grow their careers in academic research and/or education. Through applying methods of social change they will be able to inspire advanced gender sensibility and use applied gender analysis with gender-differentiated attitudes.

Above all, they will be able to contribute to so-called "gender mainstreaming", i.e. to the integration of gender-differentiated attitudes and principles to the fundamental socio-political and cultural structures of the society. They will be able to cultivate principles and an environment of social justice, support gender balance, equality, human and civil rights, and sexual autonomy. Graduates of the program will also be able to find their careers in theoretical and pedagogical teams in academia, and thus contribute to the development and broadening of gender studies on an interdisciplinary level, in both research and teaching.

Study Plan

The current study plan is available on the webpages of the Gender Studies department. The complete list of courses taught by the Department of Gender Studies can be found in the Student Information System (SIS).

Further Information

For all information regarding the admission process, please, contact the Student Administration Office at .

For specific queries intended directly for the Department of Gender Studies, please contact:


Department of Gender Studies



+420 224 271 451


Pátkova 2137/5, 182 00 Praha 8

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