PhDr. Daniel Říha, Ph.D.

Daniel ŘÍHA, assistant professor

PhDr. Daniel Říha, Ph. D.

Department of Theory of Art and Artworks

Research Areas

  • Interactive Media

  • Videogame Studies

  • Serious Games

  • Virtual Reality


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Contact Information and Office Hours

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Work Experience

  • 2005–present: Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Institute of Learning, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague

  • 1998–2004: Scientific Researcher and Lecturer, Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague

Teaching (International - Courses Taught in English)

  • Silesian University in Katowice, Poland: June 2016. Storm the Studio (Workshop)

  • Hanze University Groningen, The Netherlands: November 2015. Storm the Studio (Workshop)

  • University of Umea, Umea, Sweden: February 2014: Storm the Studio (Extended Seminar)

  • University of Constance, Constance, Germany:

    • May-June 2013: Cultural Landscapes of Prague in 1990s (Lecture)

    • June 2012: Storm the Studio (Block Seminar)

    • June 2011: Machinima Design with Moviestorm (Block Seminar)

    • June 2010: Serious Videogames as Interactive Knowledge Space (Block Seminar)

    • June 2004: Online Communities on the Internet (Block Seminar)


  • 2002: Ph.D. Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship. Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague. Thesis: "Collaborative Hypermedia Environment As A New Model For Information Access, Scientific Communication Support And Education On The Internet".

  • 1998: M.A. Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship. Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague. Thesis: “Knowledge Communication In Multi-user Virtual Environment".


  • Virtual 3-D Library for the University Library, University of Constance, Germany in frames of Kunst am Bau Art Competition. Artwork design 2004. Artwork exhibited online in Active Worlds: January 2006 – June 2008.

  • INVIPO: Pilot Dissertation Project: UISKPrag – Distance Education Infrastructure in Active Worlds Educational Universe (AWEDU) for New Media Studies Module at IISL. Project design 2001 – 2003. Online: 2003 – 2007.


  • 2003: Winner of Kunst am Bau (Art on Construction) International Art Competition: Project Virtual 3-D Library 'Library/Internet as a means of archiving and communicating knowledge for the University of Constance, organized by the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Research Grants

  • GACR: Czech Grant Agency Grant Nr. 2016-2018, č. 16-18891S – Research in Sexual Variations. (2016-2018). Team Member.

  • NAKI: Ministry of Culture Grant Nr. DF12P01OVV026 - Jan Hus in 1415 and 600 years after. The history, tradition and its presentation in the Czech Republic and Europe of 21th century. (2012-2015, MK0/DF). Multimedia Content Development 2012-2013. Part Time Team Member and Advisor.

  • Artistic and Non-Artistic Signs in Human Communication, in frames of Research Priority Programme of Faculty of Humanities, Charles University supported by Czech Ministry of Education, 2005-2011. Team Member.

  • Virtual Museum of Phototelegraphy, collaborative project supported by travel grant in frames of Bilateral DAAD Programmes for Co-operative Research Grants (PPP) with Czech Academy of Sciences, Grants No. 54 and 55/2005-2006. Project Leader for Czech Team.

  • 2004 – 2005 Czech Ministry of Education, Development and Transformation Programme. Grant No. 331/2004 and No. 335/2005. New Media Studies at IISL. Proposer and Team Leader. Editor in Chief of Accreditation Application Files.

Other Academic Activities


  • Scientific Researcher – NÚDZ (National Institute of Mental Health – NIMH)


  • Cyber Hub Leader – Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Chair of Conference Projects – Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Oxford, United Kingdom

2010– 2016

  • Member of Advisory Board – Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Oxford, United Kingdom.

2010 – 2012

  • Director of Publications – Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Series Editor – Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Series Editor At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries, Rodopi Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 1996 - 2005

  • Co-Founder and Coordinator – MED - the Comparative Media Research Group – New Media Studies by IISL o Co-Founder of New Media Studies Discipline at Faculty of Arts, Charles University o Editor in Chief: Application for Accreditation of a New Media Studies Discipline by a Dean of Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague to the accreditation commission of Czech Ministry of Education, Czech Republic. Discipline approved to commence in June 2005.

  • Curriculum Development for a newly accredited M. A. Programme „New Media Studies“ at IISL, Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague: 2000 – 2005

Publications (selection)


Riha, D., Bartova, K., Binter, J. Use of Virtual Reality and Human-Computer Interface for Diagnostic and Treatment Purposes in Human Sexuality Research. In: Design, User Experience, and Usability: Technological Contexts. Aaron Marcus (Ed.). LNCS 9748, (Switzerland: Springer) 2016, pp. 294-305.


Vancat, J., Riha, D. Visual Literacy as Systematic Competence in Visual Design and Production. In: Creating a Visual World. Elena Xeni (Ed.). (Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press), 2015, pp. 23–33.


Riha, D. Cutscenes in Computer Games as an Information System. In: DUXU 2014, Part II, A. Marcus (Ed.). LNCS 8518, pp. 661-668, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2014.


Webber, N. and D. Riha (Eds.): Exploring Videogames: Culture, Design and Identity. (Oxford: InterDisciplinary Press), 175 p., 2013. ISBN: 978-1-84888-240-9

Vancat, J. and D. Riha. Structuring Digital Exhibition Contents in the Multi-touch Environment. In: Stories in Post-Human Cultures. Adam L. Brackin and Natacha Guyot (Eds.). (Oxford: InterDisciplinary Press), 2013, pp. 167-173. ISBN 978-1-84888-271-3

Riha, D. and J. Vancat. Operational 3-D Images as Interactive Knowledge Space. 7th International Conference - The Philosophy of Computer Games Conference. Computer Game Space: Concept, Form and Experience. 2-4 October 2013, University of Bergen, Norway.


Riha, D. (Ed.): Frontiers of Cyberspace. (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi), 2012. 333 p. ISBN 978-90-420-3583-6.

Riha, D. Machinima, Creative Software and Education for Creativity. In: Cybercultures. Mediations of Community, Culture, Politics. Harris Breslow and Aris Mousoutzanis (Eds.). (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi), 2012, pp. 31-43. ISBN 978-90-420-3578-2

Riha, D. and Vancat, J. Creative Uses of Machinima Platforms in Higher Education. In: Artech 2012: Crossing Digital Boundaries. Teresa Chambel, Alberto García Ariza, Gavin Perin (Eds.). (Faro: Grupo Português de Computação Gráfica and ARTECH International, 2012, pp. 325-328. ISBN 978-97298464-7-2


Riha, D. and A. Maj (Eds.): Emerging Practices in Cyberculture and Social Networking. (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi), 195 p., 2010. ISBN: 1-904710-55-7.


USA: CHOICE - Current Reviews for Academic Libraries - Vol. 48 No. 06, February 2011: "Recommended"

UK: Literary and Linguistic Computing, Vol. 27, No. 1, 2012, Oxford University Press. (ISSN: 0268-1145), Impact: H Index: 7.

Riha, D. (Ed.): Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment. (Oxford: InterDisciplinary Press), 121 p., 2010. ISBN: 978-1-84888-040-5

Mousoutzanis, A. and D. Riha (Eds.): New Media and the Politics of Online Communities. (Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press), 243 p., 2010. ISBN: 978-1-84888-032-0

Riha, D. (Ed.): Humanity in Cybernetic Environments. (Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press), 246 p., 2010. ISBN: 978-1-904710-71-4


Riha, D. and A. Maj, (Eds.): The Real and the Virtual. (Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press), 202 p., 2009. ISBN: 978-1-84888-012-2

Maj, A. and D. Riha (Eds.) Digital Memories: Exploring Critical Issues. (Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press), 227 p., 2009. ISBN: 978-1-84888-004-7


Riha, D. (2008): Kolaborativní tvorba a komunikace heuristických map v 3-D prostoru (Collaborative Design and Communication of Heuristic Maps in 3-D Space). In: Péče o obraznost: Sémiotické přístupy k výtvarnému umění a výtvarné výchově (Care of Imaginery: Semiotic Approaches to Visual Arts and Education). European Symposium INSEA 2006. Czech Section, INSEA, Prague, 2008. pp. 115-122. ISBN: 978-80-904268-0-1

Presentations (selection)

Invited Speaker

RIHA, D. (2014): HCI International. DUXU as Information System. Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 2014. Title: “Cutscenes in Computer Games as an Information System“.

RIHA, D. (2013): Summer School in Digital Humanities, July 2013. University of Leipzig, Germany. Title: “Gamespace as Knowledge Space“.

RIHA, D. (2009): Annual Munger Lecture at Saint Joseph College, Department of Philosophy, Hartford, CT, USA, Monday, 16th November, 2009. Title: “Ethics in Videogames: New Praxis for a New Medium“.

RIHA, D. (2009): 37th Annual Conference, Art Libraries of North America, Indianapolis, IN, USA, 16th – 21st April, 2009. Title: “3-D Virtual Community in the Library Setting“.

KRÄMER, H. and D. RIHA, D. (2007): Expert Matinee, REAL//VIRTUAL//ART, Gallery in Turm, Cultural Center at the Münster, Constance, Germany, 1st July, 2007. Title: “ A Virtual Library for the University of Constance“.

KÜMMEL, A. and D. RIHA (2006): Official Opening, Virtuelle Kunst am Bau, University of Constance, Germany, 26th January 2006. Title: “3-D Virtual Library for the University of Constance“.

RIHA, D. (2005): The Use of Social Virtual Reality in Humanities Education: Case Study. New. Information Technologies and the Future of the Humanities Conference, 11th February 2005. EUROPEAUM (Oxford University), CLIOH-Net, Karolinum, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic.

SKENDERIJA, S. and D. RIHA (2004): Towards the New Media Paradigm in the Humanities: MED – The Comparative Media Studies at the Institute of Information Studies. Technology in the Humanities Conference, May 2004, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, USA.

RIHA, D. (2004): Invited Lecture in the frames of Kunst am Bau (Art of Construction) Art Competition, University of Constance, Germany, June 2004. Title: “3-D Virtual Library for the University of Constance“.

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