Department of Theory of Art and Artworks

Head of the Department

Mgr. Aleš Svoboda

Head of the Department


room No. 1.09

Personal Profile

Department Staff

doc. ak. mal. Jaroslav Alt (room No. 1.11)

Mgr. Felix Borecký, Ph.D. (room No. 1.10)

PhDr. Václav Hájek, Ph.D. (room No. 1.09)

Mgr. Irena Řehořová, Ph.D. (room No. 1.10)

PhDr. Daniel Říha, Ph.D. (room No. 1.09)

Mgr. Aleš Svoboda (room No. 1.09)

MSc. Denisa Tomková, PhD. (room No. 1.10)

Mgr. Jiří Tourek, Ph.D. (room No. 1.10)

doc. PhDr. Jaroslav Vančát, Ph.D. (room No. 1.09)

Mgr. Ondřej Váša, Ph.D. (room No. 1.10)

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