Mgr. Marie Novotná, Ph.D.

Marie Novotná, assistant professor, head of the department

Research Areas

  • Concept of Body in the Old Norse Literature

  • Scandinavia Ballads

  • Translation Theory and Praxis – Focus on Rendering Proper Names

  • Genre Differences among Icelandic Saga Genres


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Contact Information and Office Hours

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  • 2014–present: PhD. studies, Dept. of Philosophy and History of Natural Sciences, Charles University

  • 1992–1998: Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University

  • 1993–1999: Norwegian language and literature, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Stays Abroad

  • 2016: University of Iceland, 2 months (Shape-changing in ON literature)

  • 2015: University of Zurich, German Dept., 7 months (Concept of body in ON literature)

  • 1999: Museum of Natural Sciences, Paris, 6 months (research on early theories of evolution, 6 months)

  • 1998: Danish Folklore Institute, Copenhagen, 6 months (research and translation of Scandinavian medieval ballads)

  • 1995–1996: University of Iceland, 10 months, (studies of Old Norse and modern Icelandic language)


  • Member of Advisory Board of International Saga Society

  • Viking Society for Northern Research


  • Relation of Soul and Body. In: The 15th International Saga Conference, Sagas and the Use of the Past, ed. by Nordvig and Torfing, Aarhus University: Aarhus 2012.

  • Novotná, M., Starý, J.: Rendering Old Norse names in translation into West-Slavic Languages.  Scripta Islandica 65 (2014), pp. 213-236.

  • Hamr of the Old Norse body. In: The 16th International Saga Conference, Sagas and Space. Zurich and Basel 2015.

  • Islandské rodové ságy. In: Staroislandské ságy, Garamond 2015. pp. 7-17.

  • Adaptation of foreign words into Czech: the case of Icelandic proper names. Orð og tunga 18 (2016), pp. 111–129

  • Body description as a genre marker: Jómsvíkinga saga. In: Skandinavische Schriftlandschaften. Müller-Wille K., Heslop K., Richter A.K.,Rösli L. (eds.), Beiträge zur Nordischen Philologie 59 (2017).

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