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Head of the Department

Mgr. Hedvika Novotná, Ph.D.

Head of the Department


room No. 2.08

Personal Profile

Assistant of the Department

Barbora Benešovská

room No. 2.08, e-mail:

Office hours: Monday and Thursday 10:00 - 14:00

Department Staff

Mgr. Yasar Abu Ghosh, Ph.D. (room No. 2.09)

PhDr. Dana Bittnerová, CSc. room No. 2.08)

Mgr. Petra Ezzeddine, Ph.D. (room No. 2.09)

doc. PhDr. Zuzana Jurková, Ph.D. (room No. 2.10)

PhDr. Marek Halbich, Ph.D. (room No. 2.09)

Mgr. Martin Heřmanský, Ph.D. (room No. 2.08)

doc. Mgr. Lenka Jakoubková Budilová, Ph.D. (room No. 2.08)

PhDr. Jaroslav Klepal, Ph.D. (room No. 2.10)

Mgr. Bohuslav Kuřík, Ph.D. (room No. 2.09)

Mgr. Michal Lehečka, Ph.D. (room No. 2.10)

Mgr. Hedvika Novotná, Ph.D. (room No. 2.08)

Mgr. Oldřich Poděbradský, Ph.D. (room No. 2.10)

PhDr. Ivan Rynda (room No. 2.13)

Mgr. Veronika Seidlová, Ph.D. (room No. 2.10)

Mgr. Ondřej Skripnik, Ph.D. (room No. 2.08)

doc. Mgr. Tereza Stöckelová, Ph.D. (room No. 2.09)

David Verbuč, M.A., Ph.D. (room No. 2.10)

Mgr. et Mgr. Markéta Zandlová, Ph.D. (room No. 2.09)

Postdoc and Research Fellows

Ph.D. a JUDr. Maroš Matiaško LL.M. (room No. 2.09)

Melanie Sindelar, MSc. Ph.D. (room No. 2.10)

Funding for Science and Research


Strategies and organization of institutional support distribution for the research area of social and cultural anthropology and ethnology (SCAN):

Board: doc. PhDr. Zuzana Jurková, Ph.D.

PhDr. Dana Bittnerová, CSc.

Mgr. et Mgr. Markéta Zandlová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Hedvika Novotná, Ph.D.

Priorities for the development of the SCAN research area:

1. Studies in AIS journals (proofreading, translation, open access, etc.)

2. Monographs (in Czech and English) in reputable publishing houses

3. Studies in influential national journals

4. Active participation in international conferences/seminars

5. Active participation in domestic conferences/seminars

6. Preparation of research projects/grants

7. Other publication costs

8. Organisation and co-organisation of conferences/seminars

9. Membership fees in professional organisations

10. Popularisation and application linked to own research activities, social relevance

Strategies for decision making:

  • Outputs and projects of members of the department, PhD students and other professional and scientific staff of FHS UK, which fall under the research area of SCAN and whose outputs correspond to the development of this research area, will be supported;

  • type 1 and 2 (or 3) applications should be prioritised among the FHS UK Strategic Priorities;

  • applications of type (3)4-10 should be addressed as a matter of priority to the SCAN discipline;

  • applications addressed to the SCAN research area, as well as unsuccessful applications from the Strategic Priorities, will be decided by the Board more or less in accordance with the SCAN priorities named above, but taking into account the significance of the outcome;

  • the Board of the research area may, at its discretion, reduce the funds requested.

The Plan for the Development of a Research Area of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Program Cooperatio at FHS UK

Program Cooperatio at Charles University Website

Current call for applications

1st round Call for Applications for support of scientific and creative activities to develop scientific disciplines within the Cooperatio SCAN

Who can apply for support ?

The support is intended for academic and research staff who are part of the Cooperatio SCAN group at FHS UK.

PhD students who have applied to the Cooperatio SCAN programme are also eligible for support. Doctoral students may only submit applications for support with a written support statement for the application from their supervisor.Terms

The deadline for applications is 7. 6. 2024.

Applicants will be informed of the decision to accept/decline/postponing of their project for funding by 12. 6. 2024 at the latest.

Application method

Please send the completed form for application to the address and state "SCAN_2024_1" in the subject.

Grounds for the request

Applications submitted under this call must have the following requirements:

  • A brief description of the intention leading to the creation of a scientific or creative achievement (or result), with an emphasis on the planned publication output, together with a timetable for the implementation of the intention.

  • A description of the planned publication output, indicating in which year and in which journal (publisher) the publication will appear. Publications are the preferred scientific output.

  • Relevant annexes: manuscript of the paper to be supported, possibly contract with publisher, acknowledgement of acceptance of the paper for publication, etc.

  • A brief and factual justification of the financial requirements.

  • Details of the proposer and any involvement of other academics within the relevant field of the Cooperatio programme.

Important nottification!

In case your application involves payment (purchase) from abroad, please note the following:

- Purchasing a book from abroad: ADD 10% of the book price (VAT)

- Purchase of any other goods except books from abroad: ADD 21% of the price of the goods (VAT)

- Publishing a book abroad: ADD 21% of the total price (VAT)

- Fee for ONLINE attending a foreign conference: ADD 21% of the price of the fee (VAT).

If you are attending a conference abroad in person, you don´t have to add VAT. The same applies to your stays in accommodation abroad (e.g. when attending a conference or staying during a field research abroad).

Application Form

Research Projects of Department Members

Researching the transnational organization of senior care, labor and mobility in Central and Eastern Europe (CareOrg)

Petra Ezzeddine, Ph.D., Olga Gheorghiev, Ph.D. a JUDr. Maroš Matiaško LL.M.

Stories of Drought

Markéta Zandlová, Ph.D.

Olga Fečová's Museum: The Familial Soundscapes of a Romani Band Leader

Script and storyboard: doc. PhDr. Zuzana Jurková, PhD.

We Can Play Together: Taking advantage of the homogenizing social potential of collective musical performance

doc. PhDr. Zuzana Jurková, PhD., Mgr. Veronika Seidlová, Ph.D., David Verbuč, M.A., Ph.D.

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