David Verbuč, M.A., Ph.D.

I earned my Ph.D. in ethnomusicology at the University of California, Davis (2014). Before starting my graduate studies in 2008, I researched Slovenian village music practices and traditions, and worked as a music journalist for various Slovenian media (Radio Študent, Ljubljana, Nova Muska, Mladina, Odzven). In 2008, I issued a double CD of my own field recordings of songs from the villages of Upper Savinja Valley in North Slovenia (Gorših ljudi na svetu ni: terenski posnetki ljudskih pesmi iz Zgornje Savinjske doline / There are No Finer People in the World: Field Recordings of Folk Songs from the Upper Savinja Valley). Since 2014, I work as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, where I teach socio-cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology, and popular music courses. I am also an Editor-in-Chief of the English editions of the Czech anthropological journal Lidé města / Urban People (https://urbanpeople.cuni.cz/). Furthermore, I am currently finalizing my book manuscript for the Routledge’s book series SOAS Studies in Music. The work, titled “Living Publicly”: DIY House Shows, Venues, and Music Communities in the US, is an anthropological study of the relationship between place/space (DIY venues, geographies, and social spaces), and the construction of “intimate” communities. In addition, my articles, dedicated to a variety of similar topics, are issued in the following international academic journals: Communication and the Public, Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva, Journal of Popular Music Studies, and Urban people.



  • YBAJ037 Music, Culture, and Technology

  • YBAJ072 Cultural History of Rock and Popular Music

  • YBA194 History of Jazz

  • YBA201 Anthropology of Music: Fieldwork and Ethnography Seminar

  • YBA242 Introduction to Musics of the World

  • YBA241 Music and Youth Cultures

  • YBA334 Anthropological Methods: Fieldwork and Ethnography Seminar

  • YBAJ001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

  • YBSA003 Seminar in Academic Skills

  • YMA337 Music and Place/Space: Music Venues, Geographies, and Social Spaces

  • YMA356 Ethnomusicology of Western Art Music

  • YMA375 The Power of Cultural Representation: From Film, Media, and MTV, to Art, Museums, and Ethnography

Summer schools

  • Music and Youth Cultures: Between Global and Local/Czech (2016, see here)

  • Music in Socialism and Postsocialism (2017, see here)

  • Music and Youth Cultures: Theory and Ethnography of Music „Community“ (2018, see here)



  • [forthcoming]. “Living Publicly”: DIY House Shows, Venues, and Music Communities in the US. New York and London: Routledge (SOAS Studies in Music).


  • [forthcoming] “‘A Whole Society, with Its Own Economic System’: Co-relation and Co-constitution of Reciprocal and Capitalist Economies within American DIY Scenes.”

  • [forthcoming]. “Living and Touring with American DIY Youth: Participation and Ethnography in Western Popular Music Research.”

  • [forthcoming]. “Non-musician DIY Individuals as ‘Pillars’ and ‘Icons’ of American DIY Scenes.”

  • 2018. “Theory and Ethnography of Affective Participation at DIY ('Do-It-Yourself') Shows in the US.” Journal of Popular Music Studies 30/1–2: 79–108.

  • 2017. “Notions of Intimate Publicness, and the American DIY Music Spaces.” Wang, Jing, and Peterson, Marina, eds. Sound and the Public: A Special Issue of Communication and the Public 2/4, 284–304.

  • 2017. “’Houses Provide a Spatial Backbone for Virtually Everything We Do’: An Anthropological Study of DIY (“do-it-yourself”) House Shows in the US.” In Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! An Approach to Underground Scenes. Volume 3. Guerra, Paula, and Tânia Moreira, eds. Porto, Portugal: University of Porto, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, 13–24. (http://www.kismifconference.com/en/2017/05/11/kismif-conference-2016-book-proceedings-2/).

  • 2016. "Prostor, družbena bližina in intimna skupnost v ameriških neodvisnih glasbenih kulturah." Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva 56/1-2: 37-52.

  • 2015. “Fans or Friends?: Local/Translocal Dialectics of DIY (‘do-it-yourself’) Touring and DIY Community in the US.” Lidé města / Urban People, 17/2: 221-246 (http://www.urbanpeople.cz/archiv/cisla/17,-2015,-2/).

  • 2013. “From Text to Context: Performance Events in Primož.” In Trapped in Folklore: Studies in Music and Dance Tradition and Their Contemporary Transformations. Kunej, Drago and Sivic, Ursa (eds). Berlin: LIT Verlag, 41–62.

  • 2009. “Contemporary Musical Peasant Traditions in Primož, Slovenia, and the Notion of 'National Heritage'.” In Voices of the Weak: Music and Minorities. Prague: Slovo21 + Faculty of Humanities of Charles University Prague.

  • 2008. Gorših ljudi na svetu ni: terenski posnetki ljudskih pesmi iz Zgornje Savinjske doline / There are No Finer People in the World: Field recordings of folk songs from the Upper Savinja Valley (Knjižnica/Library of Mozirje). Audio CD. Author of field recordings, producer, and author of liner notes (see http://gorsihljudi.blogspot.com).

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