PhDr. Ivan Rynda

Ivan RYNDA, assistant professor

Head of the Department of Social and Cultural Ecology

Research Areas


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Contact Information and Office Hours

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  • 1985: Charles University: Philosophy, Czech studies (literature & language), doctorate

Work Experience

  • 2000–present: lecturer at the Faculty of Human Sciences of Charles University

  • 1994–2000: lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University

  • 1993–2000: lecturer at the Institute of Theoretical Education of Charles University

  • 1992–present: Deputy Director of the Centre for Environmental Scholarship at Charles University

  • 1992–1994: adviser to the Minister of Agriculture

  • 1990–1992: deputy of the Federal Assembly of the ČSFR (Czechoslovakia), Chairman of the Environmental Committee of its House of People and Member of the presidium

  • 1978–1990: programmer, system analyst, head of the computational department

  • 1977–1978: librarian

  • 1975–1977: electrician, watchman, window-cleaner


  • 2011‒present: member of the scientific board of the Agency for Nature and Landscape protection

  • 2004‒present: member of the Scientific committee of the Council of the Krkonoše National Park

  • 1999‒present: vice-chairman of the Society for Sustainable Living

  • 1998‒present: member of the editorial board of the magazine EKO-ecology

  • 1998‒present: member of the working group on Sport and the Milieu of the Czech Olympic Committee

  • 1998‒present: member of the Advisory Committee of the Institute for Ecopolitics

  • 1998‒present: member of the Scientific  Council of the Institute of Landscape Ecology at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

  • 1994‒present: chief-editor of the magazine Bulletin National Forestry Committee

  • 1992‒present: founding member of the Society for Sustainable Living and member of the committee

  • 2003‒2013: founding member of the Czech Governmental Council on Sustainable Development

  • 2000‒2011: member of the Scientific committee of the Council of the Šumava National Park

  • 1994-2007: founding member of the National Forestry Committee, member of the committee, chairman of section for legislation and forestry policies

  • 2000‒2004: member of the Expert Committee of the Silva Taroucy Research Institute for landscape

  • 2000‒2002: member of the Council on Sustainable Development of  the Minister of Environment

  • 1996‒1999: member of the Academic Senate of Charles University

  • 1995‒1999: member of the Grant Agency of Charles University, vice-chairman of the social sciences section

  • 1995‒1997: chairman of the Board of Charta 77 Foundation project "Article 35"

  • 1991‒1997: Civic Movement (Free Democrats), Member of the Council of the Republic, chairman of the Parliamentary Club of the Federal Assembly of the ČSFR

  • 1989‒1991: Civic Forum (Občanské forum)

  • Founding member of the Czech Committee of the International Association of Impact Assessment at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Stays Abroad

  • 1993-1995: visiting fellow of the Global Security Programme and Global Security Fellowship Initiative

  • 1994: visiting Fellow to the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Pembroke and Wolfson College, Cambridge University

  • 1992: delegate at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development


  • 2002: Josef Vavroušek award for contribution to environment protection and sustainable development


Publications and articles in professional and popular magazines and newspapers, in reports; compiler of a series of research and pedagogical projects.

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