doc. Mgr. Hynek Bartoš, Ph.D.

Hynek BARTOŠ, associate professor

doc. Mgr. Hynek Bartoš, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

Research Areas

  • Ancient Greek Philosophy

  • History of Natural Sciences

  • Philosophy of Science


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Contact Information and Office Hours

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Publications (Eng)


  • Bartoš, H., King, C. G. (eds.), Heat, Pneuma, and Soul in Ancient Philosophy and Medicine, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming in 2019)

  • Bartoš, H. Philosophy and Dietetics in the Hippocratic On Regimen: A Delicate Balance of Health, Leiden: Brill 2015.

Research Papers

  • Bartoš, H. “The Concept of Mimesis in the Hippocratic De Victu”, The Classical Quarterly 64.2, 2014, 542-557.

  • Bartoš, H. “Aristotle and the Hippocratic De victu on Innate Heat and the Kindled Soul”, Ancient Philosophy 34, 2014, 1-27.

  • Bartoš, H. “The Analogy of Auger Boring in the Hippocratic De Victu”, The Classical Quarterly 62.1, 2012, 92-7.

  • Bartoš, H. “Aristotle and his Hippocratic precursors on health and natural teleology”, Rhizai VII.1, 2010, 7-27.

  • Bartoš, H.  “Soul, Seed and Palingenesis in the Hippocratic De victu”, Apeiron. 42.1, 2009, 17-47.

  • Bartoš, H. “Varieties of the Ancient Greek Body-Soul Distinction”, Rhizai III.1, 2006, 59-78.

Book Chapters

  • Bartoš, H., „Aristotle and his Medical Precursors on Digestion and Nutrition“, in: Korobili, G., Lo Presti, R. (eds.), Nutrition and Nutritive Soul in Aristotle and Aristotelianism, De Gruyter 2021, 25-50.

  • Bartoš, H. „Heat, Pneuma and Soul in medical tradition“, in: Bartoš, H., King, C. G. (eds.), Heat, Pneuma, and Soul in Ancient Philosophy and Science, Cambridge University Press 2020, 11-21.

  • Bartoš, H., “Hippocratic Holisms”, in: Thumiger, Ch. (ed.) Holism in Ancient Medicine and Its Reception, Brill 2020, 113-132.

  • Payón Leyra, I., Bartoš, H., „Geography (Chapter 3, 393a9-394a6)“, in: Gregoric, P., Karamanolis, G. (vyd.), Pseudo-Aristotle: De Mundo (On the Cosmos): A Commentary, Cambridge University Press 2020, 80-120.

  • Bartoš, H., „Soul, Perception and Thought in the Hippocratic Corpus“, in: Sisko, J. (ed.), Philosophy of Mind in Antiquity, Routledge 2018, 64-83.

  • Bartoš, H. “Iamblichus on Pythagorean Dietetics”, in: Renger, A-B, Stavru, A. (eds.), Pythagorean Knowledge from the Ancient to the Modern World: askesis, religion, science, Harrasowitz: Wiesbaden 2016, 267-279.

  • Bartoš, H. “Dietetic therapy and its limitations in the Hippocratic On regimen”, in: V. Suvák (ed.), Sokratika: Sebapoznanie a starosť o seba, Prešov 2009, 8-16.

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