As an international full degree student, you are eligible for the scholarships mentioned below. These scholarships are intended to support international mobility and cover some of the financial costs of study-abroad stays.

  • Mobility Fund - mostly for longer study stays (e.g. through bilateral university agreements)

  • POINT - short stays (e.g. summer schools)

Please note that eligibility for each scholarship is subject to different conditions. If you are going on Erasmus, you are not eligible for any additional scholarships apart from the original Erasmus scholarship awarded to you.

Mobility Fund

The objective of MF CU is to provide financial support, particularly for:

  • study for a period of one or two semesters at a foreign university

  • participation of students in international study or professional events abroad

  • short-term scientific or research stays abroad

Support from MF CU funds can be provided to:

  • students in full-time study (MA and PhD students are preferred)

  • students who fulfill their study plan in timely manner (not lacking behind compulsory courses, recommended number of ECTS etc.)

The deadlines are usually in the beginning of October and March.

Currently, you can submit your applications from September 20 to October 15, 2021.

Applications are submitted online via the portal "IS Věda" (after login, go to "Enter the Internal Tenders").

For more information, you can visit the Charles Univeristy website or the International Office website (available in Czech).


The POINT programme (Support for Internationalization of Charles University) is one of the supporting tools of financing activities aimed to increase the level of internationalisation at Charles University.

Student mobility activities:

  • Support for participation in or stays of Charles University students at summer schools (with the exception of language courses);

  • Short-term unpaid student internships up to a maximum of 3 weeks,

  • Participation in International competitions and championships,

  • Participation in Student conferences or

  • Attending meetings related to the internationalisation of Charles University activities.

Limitations and important info for student activities

  • The support is provided purposefully, i.e. it is linked to the specific applicant, activity and dates of implementation

  • Support does not apply to summer language schools

  • Refund – not possible, you can apply for activities that will be held in future

  • CEEPUS – not possible

  • Mobility Fund - it is not possible to apply for financial support from POINT and Mobility Fund to the same activity

  • Active participation / passive participation - active participation - participation with a contribution

For more information, you can visit the Charles Univeristy website or the International Office website (available in Czech). If you are applying, read the Rector's Measure No. 35/2018 as well.

The deadlines are in November and April.

  • In the winter semester, you can submit your applications from November 1 to November 30.

  • In the summer semester, you can submit your applications from April 1 to April 30.

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