Erasmus+ programme


Deadline for applications for the Summer semester 2018/19 was the 25th of September.

The main selection procedure for the full academic year 2018/19 took place on the 21. 2. 2018.

All important information concerning the application procedure as well as the administration of the study stay abroad are available here.

Please find the list of partner universities where you may study within the Erasmus+ programme here.

Note: Not all the universities are available within the autumn selection procedure. Available institutions are listed in the on-line application.

Basic information about the programme

ERASMUS+ is the most successful student exchange programme in the world. Close to 3 million students have participated since it started in 1987. Since 2014, Erasmus+ is part of the EU's programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport Erasmus+.

Who is eligible?

  • Students of BA, MA or PhD study programmes

  • Students in full-time or distant form of studies

  • Students of any age or nationality (however, applications to the countries where you have permanent residency or citizenship are not recommended!)

  • While abroad, the student must be properly enrolled at least in the 2nd year of the BA programme or at most in the 4th year of the BA/PhD programme or 3rd year of the MA programme

Oficial Charles University website for outgoing Erasmus+ students is available here.

Please note: if you are not an EU resident, make sure that you fulfill all the visa requirements before you go abroad. Simultaneously, you might pay extra for visa fees, health insurance etc., so make sure that you have sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses (abroad as well as upon your return). There are no additional grants that you are eligible for and you won't be excused from paying the tuition fees here at the Faculty.

Most of the Erasmus countries are more expensive than the Czech Republic and as the Erasmus grant is not designed for covering all of your expenses, we advise you to have sufficient savings.

Selection procedure

Should you have any questions with regard to the Erasmus+ programme or the selection procedure, do not hesitate to contact the International Office. The contact is available here.

How is the selection procedure organised?

The selection procedure for study stays abroad during the following academic year is held in Spring (February). In case of remaining finances and available spots, a second round of the selection procedure may be held in Autumn (September) – for study stays abroad during the summer semester of the same academic year.

The students apply on-line and then submit all required documents to the International Office of Faculty of Humanities.

Required documents:

  • the letter of motivation / study plan (in English and in the language of instruction at partner university, if different)

  • the list of preliminary selected courses

  • CV (in English and in the language of instruction at partner university, if different)

  • the letter of recommendation provided by FHS teacher or the thesis supervisor (+ the approval of the head of the department in case of MA students) – in English

Within one selection procedure, students may apply to 1–3 universities. In case of several applications, students shall submit the required documents for each university separately (the CV and the letter of recommendation shall be provided only once).

Students can apply only for one semester (winter/summer).

The selection criteria:

  • study results

  • the quality of submitted documents

  • language competence (providing language certificate is not obligatory but might be of advantage)

  • student/international activities

The members of the selection committee include vice-deans and the International Office. All applicants shall be informed about the results of the selection within 2–3 weeks after the application deadline.

Information for selected students

Before departure


Upon return

Before departure

The students who were selected for the study stay abroad within the Erasmus+ programme, shall follow the administrative procedure and fulfil the conditions stipulated by the International Office FHS CU and the CU European Office.


The FHS shall inform the partner institutions about the nominated students. Partner universities shall contact the students directly to provide them with instructions concerning the application, academic calendar or the list of courses. The students should also look for this information on the websites of partner universities.


The student shall complete all missing information in the on-line system and close the application by clicking on the green arrow sign.


The content of the study plan should correspond to study programme followed by the student at the FHS in order to be recognised as an integral part of his/her studies. The recognition takes form of choosing equivalents of the courses taught at the partner institution from among the mandatory or elective courses of the study programme at the FHS. The study plan can be made up of mandatory, elective, or optional courses. If a course taken abroad has no specific equivalent in the accredited study programme, it can be recognised as an optional subject.

All necessary information on the courses the student wishes to study abroad shall be filled in the on-line system. When printed from the on-line system, the study plan takes the form of a Record of the Study Plan Abroad. The student shall sign it, obtain the approval and the signature of the head of his/her study department or supervisor (MA/PhD students) and submit it to the International Office. Detailed information regarding the study plan are to be found in the Dean's Provision no. 13/2018.


When the student delivers the approved Record of the Study Plan to the International Office and confirms that the application in the on-line system is ready to be printed, the International Office shall print it, have it signed by the student, confirm it and send it to the partner institutions with all other forms and documents that the partner university requires (the student is responsible for preparing all these documents and for delivering them to the International Office in time to be sent abroad before the deadline set by the partner institution).


In order to receive the scholarship from the European Office, the student shall open a bank account in Euro currency. Students can use the services of former UK partner bank Komerční banka, for more information see this website.


The partner institution shall provide the student with the official letter of acceptance. Upon delivering this letter to the International Office, the scholarship may be granted to the student. The International Office issues the Decision of the Dean in which the amount of the scholarchip granted to the student is specified. The amount on the scholarhip depends on the length and on the country of the study stay. The average amount is 400 € per month.


When the Decision of the Dean to Award a Grant is issued and the student has filled in the number of the required bank account in the on-line system, the European Office shall issue the Financial Agreement. The student is asked by email to sign the Agreement. In order to have the Agreement signed, the student needs to provide the European Office with:

  • the approved Record of the Study Plan

  • the Application Form and the Study Plan confirmed by the partner institution and/or the FHS

  • the Letter of Acceptance

  • he Decision of the Dean to Award a Grant

When the Financial Agreement is signed, the amount of the scholarship shall be transferred to the bank account provided, no later than 14 days before the start of the study period.



Students may change the originally approved study plan within the first month of their studies abroad. All changes shall be registered in the on-line system – some courses may be deleted and new courses added. MA students shall consult the changes with the head of their department. The FHS does not require any confirmation of changes by the receiving institution.

When all the changes are done and the study plan is final, the student shall inform the International Office. The International Office shall print the document and arrange for necessary signatures. The student shall sign the form upon return to the Czech Republic.

It is crucially important that the list of courses registered in the on-line system and approved by the FHS corresponds to the courses that the student passes and will have registered in the final Transcript of Records (issued by the receiving institution).


If the student wishes to extend his/her study stay abroad from the winter semester to the summer one, he/she needs to consider first whether it would be in compliance with the progress of his/her studies at the FHS (fulfilling the obligations of the study programme – passing the compulsory exams etc.). Studies abroad do not postpone these obligations!

In case of sufficient financial resources, the FHS may decide to award the extended students with additional scholarship. Students will be informed about this possibility in time.

Students who are interested in extending their study stay abroad shall submit (by email) to the International Office FHS CU the following:

  • the letter of motivation / study plan (Why do you want to extend your stay abroad and what would be the contribution with regard to your studies.)

  • the approval of the head of your department / supervisor (in case of MA/PhD students; approval by email is sufficient)

  • the list of preliminary selected courses for the summer semester (in the on-line system)

  • the Extension of Study Period form, confirmed by the receiving institution

Deadline for submitting the required materials: middle of November (TBC)

Upon return


  • Confirmation of Study Period - bring the original hard copy to International Office FHS (we will then forward it to the European Office), ask the coordinator to sign the confirmation at the very end of your stay, otherwise you might have to give back part of the Erasmus+ grant.

  • Transcript of Records – bring the original hard copy to International Office FHS (we will then forward it to the European Office) or ask the coordinator to send it to our address by post.

  • Academic questionnaire - send the completed questionnaire via email to the International Office. It will be published on our website to provide information to other students who might want to study at this university in the future.

  • Erasmus participant report – you will receive the link to the report by an automatically sent email, the report will be available on-line, in so-called Mobility Tool/EU Survey.

Upon receiving the Transcript of Records, the International Office will register the results of the study stay abroad in SIS.

If you have any nice photos from your study stay (especially a photo of the receiving institution) or a link to a blog (if you have been writing any), the International Office will be happy to share them with other students.

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