Erasmus+ programme

ERASMUS+ is the most successful student exchange programme in the world. Close to 3 million students have participated since it started in 1987. Since 2014, Erasmus+ is part of the EU's programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport.

Within the Erasmus+ program, students can participate on study stays, traineeships, traineeships for graduates or short-term doctoral mobilities. You can find detailed information and deadline on the respective links.

Please note: when planning your mobility, it is also necessary to plan the fulfillment of your study obligations at FHS, so that by the time you start your mobility you have properly fulfilled all your study obligations in the given section of your studies.

The mobility does not entitle to postpone students study obligations prescribed by their ISP for the given academic year (PhD students).

Who is eligible?

  • Students of BA, MA or PhD study programmes

  • Students in a full-time or distant form of studies

  • Students of any age or nationality (however, applications to the countries where you have permanent residency or citizenship are not recommended!)

  • While abroad:

    • BA students must be enrolled at least in the 2nd year, at most in their 4th year

    • MA students must be enrolled at least in the 2nd year, at most in their 3rd year

    • PhD studies must be enrolled at least in the 2nd year, at most in their 4th year

Erasmus+ grant

Differentiation of the grant for the year 2024/25 can be found here (study placements).The grant amount for Great Britain: 600 EUR per month.

Please note: if you are not an EU resident, make sure that you fulfill all the visa requirements before you go abroad. Simultaneously, you might pay extra for visa fees, health insurance etc., so make sure that you have sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses (abroad as well as upon your return). There are no additional grants that you are eligible for and you won't be excused from paying the tuition fees here at the Faculty. Most of the Erasmus countries are more expensive than the Czech Republic and as the Erasmus grant is not designed for covering all of your expenses, we advise you to have sufficient savings.


A web interface for Charles University outgoing students going on Erasmus+ mobility outside the Czech Republic, which contains the most common questions and answers related to the whole administrative process at Charles University.

ViaErasmus! is available in both Czech and English, and switches to the English version on the homepage in the top right corner.

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