Prague Public Transport

You may may find plans of metro lines, trams and buses as well as plan your journey at, the Prague Transportation Company (DPP) website.


In addittion to single short-term tickets, there are long-term season tickets available that are more cost effective.Students under 26 are eligible for student discount, while students over and 26 will need to pay the full price.

Single short-term tickets

Single tickets are valid on all the metro, trams and buses with a possibility to change. In order to make them valid, you must date-stamp the ticket after boarding a bus, tram, or upon entering the metro.

Those can be bought either at ticket machines in the metro, at some of the bus / tram stops and at newsstands or online via the PID Lítačka App downloaded to your smart phone by setting up your account there


• CZK 30 (valid for 30 minutes)

• CZK 40 (valid for 90 minutes)

• you need a special extra ticket for a larger luggage: CZK 20

• there are also some day ticketes available:

CZK 120 (24 hours) and CZK 330 (72 hours)

Please note that there is no student discount for single tickets. 

Student discounted long-term (season) ticket

(under-26 years students only)

Available once you are registered at Charles University.

You will be able to buy it no earlier than the day after collecting your CU Student ID Card, which you will use both as your travel pass and to prove your student status.

For the fares see

Full price long-term (season) ticket

(over/and-26 years students)

It can be bought together straight away upon your arrival.

There are two options:

1. in person by arranging for a Prague travel pass called PID ID pass at thePrague Transport Company (DPP) sale points (located at the airport, the main railway station and the metro). You will need your ID and passport-size photo.

2. online via the PID Lítačka App downloaded to your smart phone by setting up your account there

For the fares see

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