The Faculty of Humanities offers a wide range of courses in the field of broad Humanities and Social Sciences to exchange students. All the courses are part of FHS degree study programmes that are designed to put a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity.

Echange students study together with local students.

When selecting courses, please note

  • Exchange students are expected to follow the most of their courses at the particular host CU faculty. It is possible to take courses also outside the FHS, your host faculty, but not more than 49 % in total (e.g. if you would like to take three courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences, you have to take at least four courses provided by the Faculty of Humanities regardless of the overall number of ECTS credits).

  • You may choose both BA ("YB" courses codes) and MA ("YM" codes) courses across different study programmes and departments at the Faculty of Humanities, unless there are specific entry restrictions and requirements for the respective courses.

  • If you are nominated via the Erasmus Agreement with our German and French Philosophy Study programme, you are expected to select some of your course from the course offerings of this study programme. These courses are held in German and are listed with the "YMFPR" course codes.

  • When completing your Learning Agreement, please consider the course offer available at the time of applying and please note that it is subject to change.

    We are unable to guarantee in advance that all the courses will be available. The offer for the next academic year (semester) will be a modification of this one. Some of the current courses might not be offered any longer, while some new courses will be introduced to provide a reasonable number of courses in the field of broad Humanities and Social Sciences.

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