Czech Language Courses

At the Faculty of Humanities, we offer single semester Czech language courses to both exchange students and full degree international students of the Faculty of Humanities.

  • Czech Language Course for Beginners (course code: YBAJ057)

Number of ECTS credits: 4 ECTS

Course Description:

The course targets students that are staying in the Czech Republic for a limited period of time and need to cover the basics of the language in order to communicate in everyday situations. The ultimate aim is to provide the students with basic skills, grammar and vocabulary to deal with life in the Czech Republic, and to give them an idea of the Czech language system as well as Czech culture. The instruction uses a communicational method of teaching: the material is based on situations the students may face, rather than a grammatical overview of the language. There is also emphasis on both receptive and productive language skills (reading listening, speaking and writing). This however does not mean that we would neglect, ignore nor reject grammar! Grammar is used functionally, as a tool to reach communicational competencies but not the core purpose of the learning process.


twice a week (2 x 90 min)


There is no entrance exam or fee, but students are required to buy a course book.

Course book:

Čeština Expres 1 (A1/1) - anglicky (by Lída Holá and Pavla Bořilová)

Price: 400 CZK (ca.)

For more information on the course book you can visit:

  • Czech (Pre)Intermediate (YBAJ058); Czech Intermediate I. (); Czech Intermediate II. (YBAJ059)

Course descriptions and further information is available in the SIS course catalogue.

  • Czech language courses are also provided by other Faculties at Charles University

For the information on the Czech language courses for the exchange students provided by other Faculties at Charles University consult

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