Information for CU Exchange Students outside the FHS

Thank you for your interest in courses provided by the FHS.

On the SIS, the FHS courses available to exchange students may be searched by filtering the Faculty and the "Class" -Courses available to incoming students - via the Subjects section.

In general, the FHS courses are available to exchange students outside the FHS per available capacity and entry requirements of individual classes.

However, enrolment cannot be guaranteed in advance (neither by the IRO nor by the teachers).

Therefore, if you list some of the FHS courses in your Learning Agreement, please consider some backup choices from the course offerings of your host CU faculty too.


Students register for the courses in a standard way via the SIS during the add/drop period.

For the exact start and end date, please, see the FHS academic calendar. Please, note that the dates may differ from those at your host CU faculty.

If capacity is full at the beginning of the add/drop period, we recommend you keep checking as spots may become available during the process.

Please, note that in the case of UPCES courses, the YBAU-coded ones, the courses require online registration in the SIS before attending the first class. Please, do not email teachers with requests for additional enrolment, as neither the teachers nor the staff can add students above course capacity.

If interested in any of the CET courses, the YBAC-coded ones, please, note that these courses are available in spring semesters only for those exchange students who are spending a full academic year at Charles University.

Course Validation Request

Should you be requested for the "validation" of a particular course when enrolling, you may follow the instruction here.

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