Academic Senate

  • The Academic Senate is the autonomous academic authority of the Faculty. These authorities inform members of the academic community in the Faculty about their activities so that the members' opinions on presented documents and crucial arrangements can be taken into account. Members of the academic community are also welcome to put forward their own suggestions concerning the work of the authorities.

  • The sessions of the senate are open to the public.

  • The Academic Senate has 15 members who are elected in by a secret ballot. Eight members of the senate are academic employees and five are students, both the groups are elected by their respective communities. The term of office of the academic employees lasts three years. Student members' terms of office lasts for two years. The incumbencies usually start on 1st February. The functions of Rector, Vice-Rector, Dean and Vice-Dean different from those of the membership of the Academic Senate. The Dean, Vice-Deans, and Faculty Secretary may attend Senate meetings having advisory rights.

  • The head of the senate is a three-member presidium, the chairman and two vice-chairmen, elected each year during the first session.

  • All academic employees of the Faculty, members of the academic community, and all enrolled students of the Faculty have the right to vote.

  • Minutes from a meeting of Academic Senate are made. A protocol is made about the secret ballot. Written records from each meeting contains a brief course of meeting, full version of all resolutions and appointments, and the way of publishing relevant documents.

  • The Academic Senate meets regularly, at least one in month. Voting is public. A secret ballot vote is obligatory when electing candidates for the function of dean, electing president and two vice-presidents of Academic Senate.

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