Dean's Board

The Dean’s Board is the Dean’s consultative body in affairs concerning the faculty and its other parts. The sessions of Dean’s Board are not open to the public and only members and purposely invited persons can attend meetings.

Members of Dean's Board

Ing. arch. Mgr. Marie Pětová, Ph.D.


Mgr. Tomáš Holeček, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Pre-graduate Student Admission

Vice-Dean for Information Systems

doc. MUDr. Iva Holmerová, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for International Affairs

Ing. Jana Jeníčková, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Postgraduate Studies

prof. Karel Novotný, M.A., Ph.D., DSc.

Vice-dean forHhabilitation and Professorship Process

doc. PhDr. Gabriela Málková, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Science and Research

Mgr. Jan Tuček, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Development

Mgr. Richard Zika, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Pre-graduate Studies

Mgr. Karel Strnad

Faculty Secretary

Mgr. Martin Vrabec, Ph.D.

Member of Dean's Board

Members of Dean's Advisory Board

Members of the Dean's Advisory Board are all members of the Dean's Board and:

doc. Dr. phil. Pavel Himl

President of Academic Senate

doc. PhDr. Ladislav Benyovszky, CSc.

Member of Deans´ Advisory Board

doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Pinc

Member of Deans´ Advisory Board

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