Dean's Board

  • The Dean’s Board is the Dean’s consultative body in affairs concerning the faculty and its other parts.

  • The sessions of Dean’s Board are not open to the public and only members and purposely invited persons can attend meetings.

  • Members of Dean’s Board are usually Vice-deans and the Faculty Secretary. Dean and Dean’s Board govern the faculty. At meetings of the Dean’s Board the president of the Academic Senate can be also present.

  • Dean’s Board is not elected. Dean chooses members of the Board, but Dean has to inform Academic Senate of his/her intent of appointing and calling off Vice-deans. Number of members of Dean’s Board is not limited.

  • From a meeting of Dean’s Board is made a written record, which is regularly sent in electronic form to all its members.

Members of Dean's Board


Vice-dean for Pre-graduate Studies:

Vice-dean for Postgraduate Studies:

Vice-dean for Science and Research:

Vice-dean for International Affairs:

Vice-dean for Pre-graduate Student Admission:

Vice-dean for Development:

Faculty Secretary:

President of Academic Senate:

Members of Dean's Board:

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