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Selection procedure

The selection procedure for study abroad stays in the following academic year is held in February. In case of remaining finances and available spots, an additional selection procedure may be held in September, however, it is only intended for the summer semester of the same academic year and the choice of universities is usually very limited. We therefore recommend that you apply in February. Students can apply only for one semester, extension is possible only from winter to summer semester.

Deadline for applications for the academic year 2020/21 is the 20th of February 2020 (noon).

In order to apply, you need to submit all required documentation to the International Office before the deadline:

  • a letter of motivation - hand in personally at the International Office - in English and in the language of instruction at partner university, if different

  • a list of preliminary selected courses - submit by email in PDF format to . See the websites of each of the partner universities here, in the document, include links to each of the courses in the online catalogue of the university (TEMPLATE)

  • CV - submit by email in PDF format to - in English and in the language of instruction at partner university, if different

  • a letter of recommendation provided by a FHS academic who knows you well (e.g. thesis supervisor) – in English or Czech. Hand in either personally (printed and signed) to the International Office, or ask the teacher to send it directly to our email address (we do not accept forwarded emails!) (or

  • file an application online through the CU online system (the system will open on the 15th of February) to the desired universities (maximum is 3)

  • an approval of the head of the department (only MA students) - ask the treasurer to provide you with this in advance (the head of department will then send it by email to or

  • statement of cooperation of an academic from the partner university (only PhD students)

Within one selection procedure, students may apply to 1–3 universities (we recommend 2). In the case of submitting multiple applications, hand in the letter of motivation and list of preliminary selected courses for each university (the CV and the letter of recommendation shall be provided only once).

The selection criteria:

  • study results (GPA, Letter of recommendation, failed exams, grades in general)

  • the quality of submitted documents

  • language competence - providing a language certificate is not obligatory for all universities, but some universities require a particular certificate or score, make sure that you apply only for universities where you fulfill the language requirements.

  • international and student activities

The selection committee consists of vice-deans and the International Office. All applicants will be informed about the results of the selection procedure within 1 month following the application deadline.

If you have any questions in regards to the Erasmus+ programme or the selection procedure, do not hesitate to contact the International Office.

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