Individual Curriculum

The individual study plan makes it possible to reduce the student’s study load; this means spreading study obligations over two years in cases when the student would otherwise not be allowed to progress to the next academic year.

An individual study plan (ISP) can be requested in exceptional and extraordinary circumstances. An individual study plan cannot be granted on the basis of studies at two universities simultaneously, job obligations, or long-term absence from the Czech Republic (apart from visa issues).

The ISP request must contain the justification of why the individual curriculum should be granted as well as suggestions for the proposed extent of concessions together with the student’s idea on the continuation of their studies so that the ISP can be set up accordingly.

If the request is granted, the student will remain in their current study year in which they will fulfill the prescribed obligations. A list of these obligations can be found in the Statement on the individual study plan.

The individual study plan is only intended to bridge a difficult time period; it cannot be used for the entire period of study.

The ISP request can be sent by post to the Student Administration Office (Pátkova 5, 18200 Prague 8).

To learn more, you can reach out to .

All details regarding individual curriculums can be found in the Code of study and examination, Article 5,(14), (15), (16), (17).

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