Transfer of Credits

  • Students can apply to the Faculty for the recognition of credits obtained in previous studies. An official application must be submitted in order to transfer credits. The relevant authority has 30 days to consider the request and issue a decision, which will then be sent by post to your contact address.

    You can apply for credit transfer throughout the academic year, but please note the 30-day period mentioned above. If you want the credits to be counted in the same academic year as your application, you must submit your application no later than 30 days before the end of the summer term.

    Download the application form

  • How to apply? The application form with attachments must be placed in the Faculty mailbox (located near the reception in the Faculty building), or sent by post to the adress of Faculty, or sent via Faculty data box (identifier: piyj9b4).

  • If you need a consultation regarding credit transfer (i.e. you are not sure how credits are transferred or which credits are allowed to be transferred), you can contact the secretary of your study program. Contact details can be found on each programme's website.

Transfer of Optional Course Credits

  • If you studied at another university not more than 10 years ago and you finished your studies, you can request transfer of credits from courses you successfully completed during your studies.

    • When requesting credit transfer from your previous studies, you must submit your transcript of records that substantiates the application in accordance with this rule.

    • You can only transfer credits if you graduated or withdrew from your previous university studies. You cannot transfer credits from parallel studies.

    • If you graduated, you can only transfer credits above the minimum threshold of credits necessary for attaining your degree (i.e. BA study: credits earned above the 180 credit threshold for the award of a BA degree) and you must submit graduation certificate / university diploma.

    • If you withdrew, you must submit official confirmation of your withdrawal. The documents must be originals certified by the relevant university.

  • Courses graded "E" (or "3") cannot be recognised.

  • Transferred credits are counted as optional course credits. To find out the maximum number of optional credits that can be counted towards your total credits, please refer to the program's study plan.

Transfer of Credits from Previous Study at the Faculty of Humanities

  • If you have previously studied at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University (not more than 10 years ago), you can transfer credits from courses you completed during your previous study. You must specify the courses and credits you wish to transfer.

  • Only credits from courses in the current programme accreditation can be transferred; if you apply to transfer credits from courses outside your programme, they will be transferred as optional credits. You cannot transfer credits that you have already transferred and you cannot transfer credits for any part of the state final examination.

  • In general, all course credits earned with the grade "výborně" (excellent) or "velmi dobře" (very good) or "započteno" (non-graded courses) will be recognized.

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