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After enrolment, you can pick up your card from any of the CU card service centres. Without a student card you will not be able to log into the Student Information System which means you will not be able to enrol into courses or exams.

You can choose either a regular student card or a student card with the ISIC license. What are the differences?

  • The regular Charles University student card is given to any CU student for free (in case of loss, you pay a fee of 100 CZK). This card has several uses at Charles University – you identify yourself with it, receive discounts on food at University cafeterias and canteens, and gain access to the Student Information System (SIS). The card is valid for as long as you remain a CU student.

  • The ISIC card costs 320 CZK and its validity must be renewed each year by paying an annual fee. It has the same benefits as the regular card; however, in addition, it is an internationally recognized card which offers various discounts. If you feel that the annual renewal fee is offset by the offered discounts, it’s probably a good idea to get the ISIC license. The card will still function as a regular CU student card even if you decide not to renew the ISIC license after a year.

  • Public Transportation in Prague: Students aged from 18 to 26 benefit from discounts when purchasing their public transport tickets. To get this discount, you must provide either a confirmation of study letter (issued by the Student Administration Office), student card, or the ISIC card. All of these documents are accepted for the time period of one academic year only. Source:

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