Graduating from Studies

  • All students retain their student status up until the day they successfully complete all final state examinations (SZZk) and defend their MA or BA thesis.

  • Student will graduate with distinction if:

    • They do not have to resit any part of the final state examination (i.e. they completed the final state examinations on their first try).

    • They do not receive the grade “good” from any part of the state final examination.

    • The overall grade for the state final examinations is “excellent”.

    • Their cumulative average grade achieved throughout their studies is 1,5 at the most. You can find your average grade in the SIS by clicking on Summary of exam results – Validations and choose Calculate study average for evaluation of “graduation with honour”

  • Exceptional students can receive a special one-time scholarship for graduating. The full conditions for awarding the scholarship are specified here (available in Czech).

  • Before you officially receive your diploma at the graduation ceremony, you can ask the Student Administration Office to generate an official confirmation of graduation for you. Closer information on graduation ceremonies can be found here.

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